Westworld Season 2 Trailer: Hosts vs. Humans

It’s time to bring ourselves back online! From the Superbowl ad, with Dolores promising a new world, to the new trailer, Westworld is refusing to let up. The official trailer dropped, and with it, came more questions and more intrigue and, at long last, the hosts’ revolution.

Instead of Dolores being the one dreaming, as she constantly wanted to be woken up in the first season, it’s now Bernard. As perhaps her dream has become his nightmare, he talks to her about the meaning of dreams. At least, it could be Bernard. But then again, it could be Arnold. The first season has already taught us not to trust time. And seemingly, anything else that seems too straightforward. Nothing in Westworld is as it seems, and we’re going to learn much more during Westworld Season 2.

What Do We Know?

The only thing that keeps the audience in the present, as the first season left it with a murdered Dr. Ford (even the robot child of himself seems to have been slain) and a host revolt in full swing, is the carnage that Bernard and co. walk through, accompanied by a voice-over of the older Man In Black. His quest fulfilled, his own dream has finally come true, as the hosts are finally free to do what they want. Then again, so is he, and with him comes the promise of burning it all to the ground, singing a slightly different tune from the last time we saw him. But the time jump is clearly back, as a younger version of the Man In Black goes to Dolores, their relationship and attraction clearly having sparked something in her that seems to have been revitalized and realized currently.

Maeve is on her own quest, moving through the carnage herself, patching up old allies (welcome back, Hector) and winning the award for the best line of the trailer: “Revenge? It’s just a different prayer. They’re all to die.” As a show that analyzes what it means to be alive, Maeve’s quest seems entrenched in what it means to die, a layover from her proclamation in the first season that she’s done it a million times. She’s seen relinquished of her old west attire and in a kimono, as the audience finally catches a glimpse of a new character and a new park, Shogun World. If the voice-overs can be believed, she is the one confronting Dolores, trying to act as the reason to the chaos, along with Teddy, whose questions to Dolores’s motives seem pretty fair, despite them being a little uncharacteristic for the puppy-like Teddy.

In a burst of quick shots, we see Dolores seemingly in the real world and in real clothes, Charlotte Hale examining multiple Bernards (I guess the first try didn’t go so well), Bernard wielding a heavy-duty gun, new sets and a new character from Shogun World, and finally a close-up of Maeve, determination etched into her face. It all feeds into that idea of chaos, while still promising that meticulous and in-depth writing that originated in the first season. And then the final shot reaffirms the beauty of Westworld, as Dolores, who is clearly capable of terrible vengeance and bloodshed, asks why he (presumably Bernard) would be frightened of her. The idea of the dual mind was introduced in the first season and continues to be analyzed and reassessed, specifically as the hosts begin to find themselves and their true meaning. And if Dolores is able to deceive and enact atrocity so well, isn’t she more human than anyone ever could have imagined? We’ve been officially welcomed back to the park.

For even more fun and an added layer to the Westworld experience, go to the travel website. Talk to Aeden and peruse the different parts of the site. There seems to be promises of the upcoming season inlaid everywhere. Or visit the Delos page, with a promise of future parks and even a new character, one that was glimpsed in the trailer.


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April 22nd can’t come fast enough. What did you think of the trailer for Westworld? What will Dolores do? Or perhaps more importantly, what won’t she do? How will Shogun World be featured? Who will stop the hosts? And what exactly is Delos’ plan for the park? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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