The Fosters Review: Just Say Yes and Many Roads (Season 5 Episode 18 and 19)

The Fosters Season 5 Episode 18 and 19
Alas, the widely advertised two-hour, 100th episode finally makes a landing, bearing the love, the struggles, the tears, the laughter, the grief, the triumphs, the lessons, the music, and all the cinematic processes that have manifested in the emotional rollercoaster known as The Fosters

For every memorable journey, an equally memorable destination is completely expected, which is what The Fosters brings to the table in this grueling, thrilling, intriguing whirlwind, a night of TV that reflects a carefully thought-out plan to pacify the fans of the show, while maintaining the realistic elements that make the show totally relatable. Frankly, however, the buzz outshines the content, and a very lengthy screen time is devoted to the events that lead to Grace’s demise. The Fosters Season 5 Episode 18 and 19, simultaneously dubbed the 100th episode, are a combination of past events and an unexpected time jump into the future, which is both a natural progression and a likely introduction into the spin-off coming up in the foreseeable future. Stef finally combats her self-loathing and reconnects with Lena, Grace takes a terminal bow, Stef works to rest her feud with Detective Gray, Jude reconnects with his old self and there is a fast forward to the kids graduating high school and moving to college.

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The Fosters Review: Makeover (Season 5 Episode 17)

The Fosters Season 5 Episode 17
Indeed, every character on The Fosters could use a makeover. The kids are growing up fast, making important futuristic decisions and steadily coming into their own; however, making a return to a cold case involving Kyle Snow and revisiting Ximena’s immigration saga are two unexpected events in this episode, which all add up to the series of plot lines that need closure as the curtains gradually get drawn.

The Fosters is that show that has done virtually everything in terms of portraying social issues with varying degrees of character development, so it is really not surprising, though commendable, that careful thought is given to seemingly forgotten stories, recreating them without losing the narrative – talk about major strides in continuity. The Fosters Season 5 Episode 17 bears “Makeover” as its title, which is holistic and embodies all the stories told almost all the stories told within it. Callie FINALLY embraces her true calling, Jude gets a literal makeover for publicity, Mariana stays caught up in her boy web, Callie and Aaron reach a friendly consensus, while Brandon awakens from his ‘Grace-ious’ slumber.

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The Fosters Review: Giving Up The Ghost (Season 5 Episode 16)

The Fosters Season 5 Episode 16
The Fosters returns with a shared focus on every member of the Adams-Foster’s household. Stef and Lena work to strengthen their marriage as the kids navigate the twists and turns of teenage life while putting their future plans in perspective.

It has always been a recurring theme on The Fosters that issues are not typically resolved in one episode which makes the show highly relatable and weirdly realistic. After six episodes, The Fosters Season 5 Episode 16 follows through by finally bringing to what seems like a climax for Stef’s strange affection to Tess. For Callie, she learns that she may have been pursuing the wrong academic path while Brandon helps Grace address her inner demons, Jude gets hit by the realities of the future, Mariana stays competitive and quite unsurprisingly, ‘Logan-ing,’ while Jesus, Emma and Poppy struggle through a hostile triangle.

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The Fosters Review: Mother’s Day (Season 5 Episode 15)

The Fosters Season 5 Episode 15
On a highly anticipated Mother’s Day episode, Stef’s mom, Sharon, makes a welcome appearance, as The Fosters continues the gradual process of providing much-needed closure to its many plot lines. In true Fosters fashion, this episode brings the love, the laughter, the drama and of course, the tissues.

The clock is ticking and it is not surprising the series has begun wrapping up loose ends from plot lines dating as far back as season one. The Fosters Season 5 Episode 15 is a very emotional tribute to the Adams-Foster family, where we see Stef confront her mother, Sharon, over her internalized homophobia. Meanwhile, Callie finally gets over her biological mother’s death, Jesus learns some lessons on respect and maturity, while Brandon takes up a vital role in Grace’s life.

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The Fosters Review: Scars (Season 5 Episode 14)

The Fosters Season 5 Episode 14
Indeed, no better title could have been more suitable for an episode where old wounds and memories swim to the surface, begging to be addressed. This episode is a unifier, such that it integrates the stories of Aaron, Stef, Tess and Grace’s mother (Susan) through a similar struggle associated with a lingering connection to their past. 

Juggling multiple issues can be challenging, even for a well-established show like The Fosters; it is, therefore, no surprise that every episode now addresses just a fraction of stories and leaves out others for a later episode. Nevertheless, they make up for it by giving depth to that small fraction. On The Fosters Season 5 Episode 14, the underlying cause of Stef’s panic attacks is revealed, Grace’s mother receives valuable parenting lessons from Brandon, Tess seeks separation from her husband, Aaron finally decides to come out as transgender, Jude struggles to merge gaming with his love life, while Callie continues her rescue mission.

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The Fosters Review: Line In The Sand (Season 5 Episode 13)

The Fosters Season 5 Episode 13
Lena begins a new chapter at Anchor Beach Community Charter, but while figuring out how to make the best of it, she also has to tend to family obligations, especially as Stef struggles with a yet-to-be-identified health condition.

In what could best be described as a relatively light-hearted series of events, The Fosters Season 5 Episode 13 presents Lena as the new Principal of Anchor Beach, as Callie gets Ximena a stay hearing, Brandon and Grace plan a senior prank, Stef remains in distress, Jesus joins the Derby team, and Mariana makes an unexpected decision.

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The Fosters Review : #IWasMadeInAmerica (Season 5 Episode 12)

The Fosters Season 5 Episode 12
Determined as ever, Callie takes a bold step in Ximena’s favor, attracting media attention while making a huge statement about what it means to be American. Despite the imminent end of the series, The Fosters has succeeded in fueling viewers’ enthusiasm by sustaining suspense and creating avenues for drama, one episode at a time. 

One striking feature of the Fosters’ is their willingness to fight for what they believe in and this episode was a further testament to that fact. On The Fosters Season 5 Episode 12, Callie staged an organized protest during a speech by a prominent Anti-DACA politician, taking advantage of the media presence there and as an end result, the story made it to “Huff-Po”, which is short for The Huffington Post.

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The Fosters Review : Invisible (Season 5 Episode 11)

The Fosters Season 5 Episode 11
A family united in love and struggles, the Fosters remain strong in navigating through the inward and outward challenges of their everyday lives. With Poppy in the house and Ximena still hiding in the church, they make accommodations in their lives to offer them a sense of belonging.

So many questions, so many unknown factors, so much to look forward to, as The Fosters gradually approaches its much-anticipated 100th episode. In this episode titled “Invisible,” Callie works to make Ximena’s situation visible, as the latter remains under the protection of the Church, Brandon receives “the talk” regarding his attachment to Grace, Jesus faces the reality of his TBI on his road to recovery, Mariana literally becomes a teen bachelorette while still working hard to save Anchor Beach, Emma is slightly concerned about Jesus’ budding friendship with Poppy, while Jude learns a vital lesson on friendship.

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The Fosters Review: Sanctuary (Season 5 Episode 10)

The Fosters Season 5 Episode 10
Ximena seeks Sanctuary, Brandon sticks with Grace through her health issues, and Mariana seeks to uncover the truth about Anchor Beach from Nick.

Picking up exactly where the last episode left off, The Fosters Season 5 Episode 10, “Sanctuary,” saw Ximena seeking Sanctuary in a Church with the help of AJ and Callie, Brandon and Grace having an honest discussion about her ill-health, Mariana still working hard to save Anchor Beach, Callie hitting the pause button on her relationship with Aaron, as well as other captivating moments.

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