Kat and Adena Were Nothing But Inconsistent on The Bold Type Season 2

Kat and Adena
The Bold Type Season 2 finale recently premiered and I have to say, it was pretty underwhelming.

After a rocky season of The Bold Type filled with inconsistencies and rushed storylines, fans were counting on the season finale to bring everything together and make sense of the chaos. Unfortunately, it not only failed to tie up the rest of the season, it was overall lackluster and left the viewers saying, “That’s it?” There are plenty examples throughout the entirety of the season where things just didn’t quite add up, but perhaps most infuriating were the inconsistencies and conflicting narratives involving the show’s main couple: Kat and Adena.

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The Bold Type Season 2 Premiere Preview: Worth The Hype?

The Bold Type Season 2 premiere
After our favorite trio reunites via the cutest airport scene ever, they all begin to get in the swing of their new lives. Kat’s back in America, Jane is now at Incite, and Sutton is finally having her chance to shine in the fashion world.

On The Bold Type Season 2 premiere, Jane, Sutton, and Kat are as fun, fabulous, and feminist as ever. Although their storylines are rather separate from one another, they all still find a way to help each other along the way and come together in the end.

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