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Parks and Recreation: The Greatest Comedy TV Show

To those who haven’t had the privilege of watching Parks and Recreation before: immediately stop what you’re doing, load Netflix on your television or computer, and turn on NBC’s late comedy.

Parks and Recreation, which ran from 2009-2015 on NBC, stars an amazingly talented cast led by Amy Poehler, who you may recognize from her time on Saturday Night Live or her recent thrilling film co-starring Tina Fey: Sisters (2015). The series tells the story of a small, fictional town in Indiana, Pawnee, and the passionate and large, albeit crazy, reckless, and dysfunctional town residents. And, honestly, Parks and Recreation should henceforth be heralded as one of the most beautiful and funny comedies ever created, which is why everyone should be watching this show. Continue reading “Parks and Recreation: The Greatest Comedy TV Show”

Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope: An Icon

Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope charmed the hearts of viewers for seven years on the hit comedy Parks and Recreation.

The character is inspiration to everyone who wants to live life with such enthusiasm and genuine love, even in the dreary moments.

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Leslie Knope

Things I Learned from Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec (Part 1)

Leslie Knope has easily been one of the funniest characters to ever be on television. She’s free-spirited, goofy, eccentric, but she’s also friendly, loyal, kind, and inspiring. She started as a lower level, Parks and Recreation maintenance employee in Pawnee, Indiana, which was, “first in friendship, fourth in obesity.”

Every day I try to be a little more like Leslie Knope. Here are some start tips: put too much coffee on your whipped cream, eat waffles with friends, when baking buy one whip cream for baked goods and one for directly into mouth, and to be positive when things look bleak. I am one of those people who suffers from a very pessimistic attitude and even channeling a bit of Leslie Knope decreases that. It’s a struggle, but we should all want to be as happy with life as her.

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