Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA I Want Your Cray Cray (Season 2 Episode 7)

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 7
Jessica meets her mother. Trish proves she’s done this all before. Another kind of death defines Jessica. A horrible pop song ruins eardrums.

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 7, “AKA I Want Your Cray Cray,” the episode remains in a flashback, filling in the blanks of Jessica and Trish’s past in a way that further accentuates and fleshes out their present, and simultaneously filling in the actual blanks of Jessica’s mother slow recovery in the safety net of IGH and Dr. Karl. When a second tragedy befalls Jessica and helps to further define her life, it becomes the catalyst for her hostile meeting with her mother in the present. Past Trish proves that present her is on the same dangerous and deadly path.

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Facetime (Season 2 Episode 6)

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 6
At long last, Jessica finds out the truth. Trish becomes overly attached to her new drug. Jeri and Inez form a bond over Jeri’s sickness. Oscar and Malcolm try to make sense of the women in their lives.

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 6, “AKA Facetime,” Jessica realizes that she has to continue her pursuit of Dr. Karl in order to find the real answer behind the monster and, then ultimately, find the real answer behind her past itself. Alternatively, she puts herself on the line through her relationship with Oscar. Trish puts herself on the line by using and overusing the new inhaler drug and then puts Malcolm’s feelings on the line by taking advantage of them. Jeri comes to terms with that the illness she has been trying to hide from everyone might be her only saving grace on the IGH front.

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA The Octopus (Season 2 Episode 5)

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 5
Jessica defines who she is. Oscar tells her not to smile. Trish becomes delusional in her dependence. Jeri investigates IGH for selfish reasons.

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 5, “AKA The Octopus,” Jessica is forced to revisit her past’s demons, redefining herself in her new world, as well as forcing herself to let go of past practices in order to move forward. Despite not having Trish, as she usually does, she has Jeri’s tough love and Oscar’s newfound appreciation, as well as Malcolm, who is still attempting to figure out how he fits into all of this himself. Trish is digging herself into a deeper hole, refusing to admit dependency even as she craves it. The monster has to leave something behind like the octopus.

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA God Help the Hobo (Season 2 Episode 4)

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 4
Jessica confronts her past. Jeri looks back on her own history to realize what she wants and, more importantly, what she doesn’t want. Trish uses a tactic from Simpson to find her own power. Pryce’s last attempt to outshine Jessica ends in bloodshed. 

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 4, “AKA God Help the Hobo,” Jessica learns that the new villain, the monster, might be hiding more than just a face. Jessica has to realize, within herself, that her anger issues are a part of her but they don’t make her who this monster seems to be. Jeri comes to a realization of her own and that is that she can’t do this alone. A vague family reference is made about Malcolm, which causes him to realize he isn’t all that happy where he is, and that he might not be where he wants to be. Trish makes a quick decision without realizing she is ill-prepared for the fallout.

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Sole Survivor (Season 2 Episode 3)

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 3
Jessica starts to dig through her history. Trish uses her platform. Jeri admits she needs help. Dr. Hansen rears her head. Foggy appears!

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 3, “AKA Sole Survivor,” Trish gets her life controlled in the hopes of protecting her by almost every person in her life, while Jessica realizes that the experimentation done to her might not necessarily mean what she originally thought. Jeri’s illness finally debilitates her abilities at work and she has to reach out to Jessica, their solitary aligning them in solidarity as they both attempt to keep their names in the adrift world. A woman claiming to be Dr. Hansen tells Jessica story about her past, as well as singing a different song about IGH.

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Freak Accident (Season 2 Episode 2)

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 2
The monster appears. An old character resurges. Jessica and Trish are forced to have the ugly and harsh realities of the world reiterated to them.

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 2, “AKA Freak Accident,” Jessica tries to discover what exactly led to her powers and her family’s deaths. Trish has to confront her past in a different way, forcing her to reconcile with tragedies that she, like Jessica, has pushed into the back of her mind, but something that has profoundly affected her. Simpson’s reappearance results in a wider understanding of the monster that threatens Trish, Jessica, and the truth. The sisters realize that, despite the isolated paths they took to get there, they are once again together. 

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Start at the Beginning (Season 2 Episode 1)

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 1
Jessica meets Whizzer. Trish realizes she has to pursue this story. Jeri realizes she might be the real ticking time bomb. Jessica is forced to confront the evil that has been buried inside her.

On Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 1, “AKA Start at the Beginning,” Jessica realizes she herself has to go back to her start in order to figure out what her future means. Rather than ignoring her beginning, what led her to be the angry heavy drinker “superhero vigilante” she is today, she has to reconcile it in order to be better and to do better. To become her own version of hero, she has to acknowledge that there is, in fact, a monster and that it isn’t her. The surprise is that the monster is also IGH and a literal one. Our sarcasm-wielding heroine has been missed!

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