Black Lightning Review: The Book of Revelations and The Book of Little Black Lies (Season 1 Episodes 8 and 9)

The TV Type Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 9
On Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 9 and 8, Anissa shows natural superhero talent as she gets into a superhero groove under the guidance of Jefferson. Gambi and Jefferson grow estranged after Gambi confesses his past mistakes, and Jennifer struggles with the reality that she also has superpowers in a family full of superheroes. 

On Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 9 and 8, we get a greater focus on the characters and less focus on the villains holding the narrative down. The episodes flowed smoother and managed to do everything I’ve been asking for since I first noticed the villains were lackluster: focus on the personal lives of Gambi and the Pierce family. With stellar actors and interesting personalities, the show strikes gold every time they shift the focus to Jefferson, Anissa, Jennifer, Gambi, and Lynn.

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Black Lightning Review: Equinox: The Book of Fate (Season 1 Episode 7)

black lightning season 1 episode 7
Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 7, “Equinox: The Book of Fate” shows Jefferson and Lynn coming to terms with Annisa’s new superhero role, more information regarding Gambi’s shadiness, and the death of the only villain I cared about, Lady Eve. 

On Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 7, “Equinox: The Book of Fate,” we say goodbye to the queenpin shrouded in mystery, Lady Eve. This couldn’t be any more of a mistake, especially considering how slow the superhero storylines are going in the series so far. At this point, I can safely say I’m more interested in the regular lives of the Pierces than their superhero lives. I want more of Anissa and Grace, Jennifer and her coming of age story, and Jefferson and Lynn finding their way back to each other. Because, ironically, the superhero storyline is this show’s biggest villain right now. 

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Black Lightning Review: Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder (Season 1 Episode 6)

the tv type talks black lightning season 1 episode 6
On Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 6, “Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder,” Black Lightning and Anissa have a big showdown with Anissa holding her own until the last minute. Jennifer and Khalil’s relationship comes to a head, leaving Khalil to turn to Tobias in his time of depression. And in between all of this plot progression, we finally get some answers as to what the heck is up with Gambi.

Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 6 is a good episode, but it falls short of an angst-ridden, nail-biting midseason premiere that I expected. My favorite scene has to be when Anissa and Jefferson fight; although, Gambi and Lady Eve’s less physical confrontation is full of surprises, as well. What is the least surprising (and the least interesting) is the plot that involves Khalil. Due to the fault of the writer’s, I could care less about Khalil or his struggle. As horrible as that sounds, I simply can’t do the work the narrative requires of me to care one bit about what he does.

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Why Jennifer Pierce Needs Her Powers Now on ‘Black Lightning’

Jennifer Pierce
We’re just beginning to learn about Anissa’s powers on Black Lightning (and Jefferson’s, too, though he’s been a superhero for much longer), but Jennifer Pierce is getting screwed over. This has to change… soon.

Black Lightning is creating a superhero family with the Pierces, but as they all slowly grow into their powers, we’re seeing one character fall into the main character turned love interest pattern of The CW. Jennifer’s story thus far has been a disappointment, but it’s still early, which is why she needs to have her powers activated and learn to be a hero with her sister at her side.

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Black Lightning Review: Aches and Pains (Season 1 Episode 5)

the tv type talks black-lightning-season-1-episode-5
On Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 5, “Aches and Pains,” we finally get information regarding Gambi’s suspect behavior. Anissa does some detective work to try and find the head of the drug and violence problem in Freeland, while Black Lightning almost kills himself trying to take out the tails, Tobias and Joey Toledo.

Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 5 does a great job of highlighting the differences between Jefferson and his daughter. Jefferson has only been focused on killing the henchmen who killed him. However, his daughter has always seen the bigger picture. This episode alludes to huge implications regarding this difference. Additionally, it seems Gambi has more to do with the root problem of Freeland than he has admitted to Jefferson and the audience. And it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

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Black Lightning Review: Black Jesus (Season 1 Episode 4)

Black Lightning patrols to find the supplier of a new harmful drug. Anissa realizes she might not be able to handle her powers without formal training. And we finally get more story for Jennifer and her boyfriend, Khalil.

Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 4 is the second best episode of the season, after the premiere. The writers balanced this episode pretty well, considering all of these stories and threads they’re trying to tie together. There are some parts of the of the story that still seem rushed to me. For example, Anissa and Grace bonded so quickly that it’s hard to follow. Additionally, the narrative already pushing Khalil to blame all his woes on Black Lightning screams forced. However, overall, I enjoyed the action and, as always, the acting this CW show has to offer.

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Black Lightning Review: Lawanda: The Book of Burial (Season 1 Episode 3)

On Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 3, “Lawanda: The Book of Burial,” Anissa struggles with the knowledge of her new powers. Jefferson and Lynn finally come to an understanding, regarding Black Lightning. And lastly, Tobias calls for a lethal shot of Black Lightning that ends up in Khalil ‘s spine.

This episode feels like a dud compared to the previous two episodes. The only story I want to write home about lies in Anissa’s story with her new friend (and hopefully new love interest), Grace. Lynn comes around to acknowledging the importance of Black Lightning, but it didn’t really affect much in the narrative, regardless. And Jennifer and Khalil’s story seemed promising but it ended so anti-climatically, I feel robbed. The only reason why this episode earns three stars today stems directly from the amazing cast of Black Lightning. As usual, they brought their A games.

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Black Lightning Review: Lawanda: The Book of Hope (Season 1 Episode 2)

the tv type talks Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 2
On Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 2, “Lawanda: The Book of Hope,” Jefferson finally puts on his suit for good, causing friction between him and his ex-wife, Lynn. While Black Lightning is out getting his groove back, Anissa has a much needed R&R session with her girlfriend that leads to huge revelations and Jennifer starts dating an old friend in her own time of need. 

Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 2 was a great set up episode. Although this episode has many subplots going on, the majority of it focused on Jefferson and Lynn dealing with the truth that Black Lightning needs to come out of retirement for good. Jefferson isn’t the only one getting his feet wet in the vigilante pool. Anisa also has her moment to shine when she stops a burglary from happening. In the same day, her little sister, Jennifer, gains a good influence in her new boyfriend while losing her grip on control. It looks like the chaos in Jefferson’s life is just beginning.

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Black Lightning Review: The Resurrection (Season 1 Episode 1)

the tv type talks black lightning season 1 episode 1
On Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 1, The Resurrection, Jefferson Pierce, the principal of Garfield High School and the Martin Luther King-esque social justice leader of Freeland, decided to become Black Lightning again in order to save his daughters and his city from The 100 Gang’s reign of terror.

Black Lightning had a killer debut on the CW with 2.3 million viewers and a 0.8 rating, the best series debut on the network in 2 years. And, with the caliber that this show proved to be in their premiere, the only way these ratings can go is up. With a stellar cast, a genuine and intriguing story-line, and the wonderfully integrated political commentary, this series gives a fresh take on the old superhero tropes and paves the way for their own seat at the table of the DCTV universe. What a phenomenal start to a promising season.

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