Arrow Review: Doppelganger (Season 6 Episode 15)

Arrow Season 6 Episode 15
Black Siren makes her presence known in Star City assuming the identity of Earth-1 Laurel Lance, and an old friend returns when Ricardo Diaz has Roy Harper captured in order to testify against Oliver Queen in the Green Arrow trial.

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 15, “Doppelganger,” the team discovers that Black Siren has gone to the media as Earth-1 Laurel Lance claiming to have been held captive for the past two years, and they receive another shock when Roy Harper is named a witness in the case to testify against Oliver Queen.

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Arrow Review: Collision Course (Season 6 Episode 14)

Arrow Season 6 Episode 14
Someone has extorted $70 million from Star City and Oliver vows to get it back. Oliver, John Diggle, and Felicity Smoak have a plan to retrieve the money but their former teammates have plans of their own.

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 14, Collision Course, Star City is on the verge of financial collapse as someone has extorted $70 million from the city, bringing Oliver head to head with his former teammates as their ideals clash on how to retrieve the money and save the city.

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‘Arrow’: Should Black Siren Continue Her Life with Earth-1 Laurel Lance’s Identity?

Black Siren
After being the target of discussion—by characters and fans alike—for weeks, the latest move by Black Siren may have thrown a wrench in everyone’s plans for her as she came forward and created a kidnapping narrative to claim she is the Laurel Lance presumed dead to Star City.

While claiming she’s the Laurel Lance everyone knew on Earth-1 isn’t the smartest move for Black Siren, it’s the only move she has to make, especially given the various opinions of her by the members of both Team Arrows. NTA wants her arrested and prosecuted for her actions, while Oliver and company want her to leave and never show her face again. This way, Black Siren gets to stick around on Arrow and, given the media attention sure to follow the “resurrection of Laurel Lance,” she’s safe from everyone… for the time being.

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Arrow Review: The Devil’s Greatest Trick (Season 6 Episode 13)

Arrow Season 6 Episode 13
After the death of Vince, Dinah is on a killing spree looking for Black Siren, while the rest of the team contemplates whether Dinah is right or wrong about her methods.

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 13, “The Devil’s Greatest Trick,” we were granted with several key plot points that are guaranteed to move the season forward drastically. But what exactly do they mean for certain characters and their arcs that have already been established in the series?

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Arrow Review: We Fall and All For Nothing (Season 6 Episodes 11 and 12)

Arrow Season 6 Episode 12

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 11, New Team Arrow makes their debut, while William grapples with learning that his father is still masquerading as the Green Arrow.

Despite having Star City’s prime vigilantes go their separate ways, Arrow managed to have both teams be mature about the split, but ultimately found themselves in a pattern that nudged toward repetitive storytelling and the idea that maybe things involving this Team Arrow Civil War may wrap up sooner than we think.

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Arrow Review: Divided (Season 6 Episode 10)

Arrow Season 6 Episode 10
Team Arrow must come to grips with their inner turmoil, while facing Cayden James and his band of supervillains.

Welcome back, after our month-long hiatus!  The Arrow midseason premiere, “Divided,” opened on a strong note and managed to make good on the last cliffhanger, which not only saw Cayden James, Black Siren, and other season long antagonists join forces, but also maintained the conflict amongst the newer Team Arrow recruits and Oliver and co.

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‘Arrow’: The Conundrum of Completing the Team

Team Arrow
Arrow has presented many different versions of its team roster, but how exactly is that affecting the levity of its storytelling?

The midseason finale of Arrow saw the current version of the vigilante team disperse after a lack of trust amongst their ranks. With the series now in its sixth year, Arrow has been through several roster changes within the core team, and though it may seem as though this revolving door of vigilantes is keeping the series fresh, it feels like it may be weighing it down. Here’s a look at how Team Arrow can be constructed in the best possible situation for the coming episodes of Arrow.

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‘Arrow’ Season 6: How Would the Writers Improve Black Siren?

Black Siren

The midseason finale of Arrow spotlighted a small, but hopeful, glimpse into Black Siren’s story. The optimism for a full redemption arc for her is at an all-time high for fans of the character. With an entire second half of Season 6 coming in the new year, here’s a look at some of the things we’d like the series to do with Black Siren.

The return of Laurel Lance in some capacity (AKA Earth-2’s Laurel Lance/Black Siren) on Arrow Season 6 has not progressed to the results some fans have wanted to see. So how can the writers give fans what they want without crossing their “organic” story barriers?

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Our ‘Arrow’ Season 6B Wishlist: How Can the Series Get Back on Track?

Arrow Season 6 Episode 7 / Arrow Season 6B
Black Siren is still helping Cayden James’ and his own “Legion of Doom” attack Team Arrow, while Oliver has taken on the Green Arrow mantle again, but how poorly developed was Season 6A?

With a less-than-fulfilling first half of Arrow Season 6, we’ve put together a wish list of several things we’d like to see that might get Arrow back on track, including more focus on the newbies of Team Arrow, a deeper dive into the motivations and flaws of the villains, and a final, albeit temporary team. 

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It’s Time for the Black Canary to Leave ‘Arrow’

Black Canary
Green Arrow and Black Canary. It’s a comic book fixture in every new issue and story involving the Green Arrow, but in the television universe, they just can’t seem to ever get this duo written correctly. 

The CW’s Arrow introduced the Green Arrow to a new variety of fans, which has come with both positive and negative aspects, but none more negative than the ineptitude of the writer’s room when it comes to writing the Black Canary. It’s literally taken them three tries to get this character right, but it’s just impossible for them. So, what’s the problem?

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