This Is Us Review: The Trip (Season 1 Episode 9)

The consequences of Rebecca’s 36-year-old secret continue to define her relationship with Randall as his anger leads him to having a heart-to-heart with his dead father, Jack. Under the influence of some mushrooms, of course.

This Is Us Season 1 Episode 9, “The Trip,” took the Big Three out to their family’s cabin as the siblings all tried to cope with their longstanding issues with their mother. One of those being her decision to sell their cabin.

Mandy Moore deserves all of the applause. All of it. Really. The scene in which (older) Randall is watching his mother panicking in the cabin as she attempts to keep out everything that tries to harm her family is astounding. Where’s her Emmy?

The pain that Rebecca feels in the past with the decision to keep Randall’s father away is so real, and so heartbreaking. She did so much for her children to the point where she became the enemy in their lives because she had to protect them from the terrible decisions they were going to make.

In a way, Rebecca was too good of a parent. She made sure their lives were as perfect and organized as possible, and it’s astounding that her relationship with her children and her late husband even worked given everything they went through together. As much as we want to curse her for marrying Miguel after Jack’s death, if he makes her happy, she deserves it more than anyone else on this series.

Milo Ventimiglia is better than a dream, as is seen by his dreaminess in the bedroom scene with Rebecca, and also with the beautiful work he does. Even as a hallucination, Jack Pearson is still the best father on the face of the world, real or fictional.

He didn’t do the same completely amazing job as his wife, but he let his kids have the opportunity to make their own mistakes, and was always there to pick them up after doing so.

The attributes of Kate and Kevin’s relationship are actually a bit worrisome.

They’re connected far more than normal siblings, and in a way, they’ve both held each other back. Kevin has to pretend to be stupid and dull to not outshine his brother and sister, while Kate is actually intimidated by Kevin.

Her whole life has been a constant struggle with her weight and self-worth, and even when Kevin’s relationships with his family members were strained, he had enough confidence to get himself through those times. Kate has always relied on Kevin to keep her going, even with her career. Taking a job as his assistant set her back even more, and now, 36 years later, she’s finally experiencing a real break from her brother.

Hopefully her weight loss journey isn’t thwarted, but she needs to discover her own self-confidence to get herself through it. The announcement that she’s undergoing gastric bypass surgery is, in a way, a cry for help. She doesn’t have the strength to get through this alone, and after losing Toby, that’s even more relevant in her mind.

The announcement is Kate’s way of finding out whether she should do this or not, because all of her decisions have always been based off of other people’s needs.

And Randall, oh Randall. He’s broken, hurt, and upset, but he understands why his mother decided to keep this secret now, and truthfully, he discovered this all on his own.

This is just another roadblock in his relationship with both William and his mother, but he’ll overcome it when he’s ready to.

This Is Us continues with its winter finale on Tuesday at 9/8c on NBC.

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