This Is Us Review: The Best Washing Machine in the World (Season 1 Episode 7)

Cracks arise in the relationship between Jack and Rebecca in the past, while one relationship in the present grows, another begins to crumble, and one is just as bad as it was in the past.

On This Is Us Season 1 Episode 7, “The Best Washing Machine in the World,” relationships are messy, but no one has a messier relationship than Kevin and Randall.

These two brothers have such a shattered relationship that extends 36 years, but it seems like they may end up alright, even after all this time. There’s still definitely a wall between them, but the steps toward taking that wall down have started.

While we may love the Pearson family, it’s clear that they don’t all love each other. They’re so broken in the present day, it’s sad to see after the amazing start that they had. The Big Three all have very different relationships with their mother, who is their only parent left, and it breaks our hearts.

Randall is the only one that has a relationship with Rebecca, and we can’t help but wonder why? Kate began talking about her mother and the resentment she always held toward her for her body and the unrealistic expectations that led to Kate comparing herself to her mother.

Kevin? Well, Kevin made it clear what his issues with his mother are.

Randall: What are you harboring? Because God knows I would really love to hear this.
Kevin: You always got special treatment.
Randall: Because I’m black?
Kevin: No, because you’re black and you’re adopted.
Randall: Oh, yeah. Hit the jackpot with that combination. Couldn’t have had it any easier.
Kevin: In our house you did. With our mother, you did.

Poor Kate. Toby breaking down and quitting his diet, except when he’s around Kate, isn’t going to make their relationship work. At all. In fact, it will destroy them.

The last thing Kate needs is more temptation to break her diet. This has always been so important to her, and she needs support from everyone in her life, especially her boyfriend. If he’s eating whatever he wants, she’s going to be around too much temptation to cheat, and will give up again.

While I’m not a fan of Toby already, this especially puts me off. She made it clear that she needed someone on the same path as her when he first asked her out, and now he’s giving up because it’s too hard and he doesn’t want to? That’s not fair to Kate.

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Meanwhile, can we all just laugh and cry a little about Beth and William making pot brownies?

It’s nice to see a relationship forming between them, or well, it was. Now that she’s aware that Rebecca knew who Randall’s biological father was his entire life and lied to him, will Rebecca’s final relationship with her children fade completely? It’s hard to see how Rebecca would come back from this when two of her three children are already against her.

With Rebecca joining Kevin and Randall for Thanksgiving, how will the family blow up? Because surely the Pearson family will not have a great holiday, right now.

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