This Is Us Review: Kyle (Season 1 Episode 3)

This Is Us continues its amazing storytelling in Season 1 Episode 3, “Kyle,” which focuses in on Randall and his relationships with his parents: both with his mother, Rebecca, in the past and present, and with his biological father.

Again, This Is Us Season 1 Episode 3 made us cry out in happiness, laughter, and sadness. The attachment that viewers are already feeling toward these characters and this family is further proof of how excellent the storytelling is, and we have high hopes it’ll continue to do so as the series progresses.

Kyle? C’mon, Jack. One of the best moments of this episode is William telling Rebecca, in the past, to give the baby his own name.

As much as Jack and Rebecca wanted to pretend otherwise, Randall wasn’t the baby they necessarily wanted to take home. They wanted their third child, the one that was their blood. It’s natural. Fate gave them Randall, and it wouldn’t have been right if it had just been an easy fit for anyone.

The struggle with Rebecca not feeling a connection to her child is normal, it’s natural, and it was nice to see that work itself out. Him not taking to her breast for feeding was just the cherry on top of so many other issues she was facing with this adoption. We can’t forget that it wasn’t her idea. Jack suggested it after, by fate or chance, Randall ended up at the hospital at exactly the right moment.

While it was hard to watch this struggle, the present day relationship between Rebecca and Randall was both inspiring and sad. They’ve come so far, but it’s all overshadowed by her keeping his father from him his entire life.

Yes, he was on drugs, and it was the right call, but she shouldn’t have kept that from him for 36 years. When he became an adult, she should’ve told him because it’s only natural that he would seek out his biological parents, and as much as it dismayed her, she could’ve helped and it would’ve strengthened their relationship.

Will this secret come out? Probably. Hopefully Randall sees what his mother’s true intentions were and doesn’t focus on the fact that she never told him. With William dying, though, that’s unlikely.

Also, high-five to Randall for being an ass to Miguel! That’s what he deserves after marrying his (deceased, presumably, seeing as Rebecca is still wearing the necklace he got for her in the present day) best friend’s wife!

Meanwhile, Kate and Kevin are sibling breaking up.

It’s sad, but honestly, it’s probably time. Kate has been living in her brother’s shadow her entire life, and maybe with him gone to New York, she’ll finally be able to find herself and lose the weight. It can’t have been easy living in the shadow of a brother that had life come so easily to him, especially with his appearance, and she was working as his personal assistant. There has to be boundaries, and it’s time for Kate and Kevin to find them.

How will they cope with being so far apart? It’ll be interesting to see; more for Kevin than Kate because at least she still has Toby and their blossoming relationship. Kevin will be alone in New York, tackling theatre which is surely not going to come easily to him, as his acting credits are really working in his favor. Luckily, he has the money, but landing a job will be tough when you’re known as the mediocre “Manny.”

How are you liking the dynamic between all of these characters? Are you ready to see The Big Three together? Also, who else wants to know what the hell happened to Jack in the present day?

This Is Us continues Tuesdays at its new time, 9/8c, on NBC. Watch the trailer for the next episode here!

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