This Is Us Season 1 Episode 3 Preview: Go Back To Where It All Began

This Is Us takes us back to the start in the preview for the next episode as we see Rebecca before struggling to be a killer mom, Jack worrying about his wife, and The Big Three deal with their own struggles.

This Is Us Season 1 Episode 3 moves Jack and Rebecca back into the past, much where we left them in the pilot episode. According to the preview, Rebecca is going to really have a hard time adjusting to being a mother, and having three newborns at one time probably isn’t helping her control the anxiety and stress of being a new mother.

While she’s suffering, Jack is looking to become a leader in the family and a rock for his wife to lean on, and he returns to our favorite OB-GYN to ask for advice on how to turn these sour lemons into something resembling lemonade.

In the present day, Randall deals with Rebecca coming to town as she meets his biological father, who is visiting a doctor to learn about the present state of his stomach cancer. Can Randall save this man before he is gone and doesn’t have the chance to know him?

Toby decides to treat Kate like a princess amid her insecurities about losing the weight, which are sure to be heightened as she loses her biggest rock of support: her brother, Kevin.

After being fired as the Manny, Kevin is blackballed in Hollywood, so he decides to move out to New York to pursue his acting in a new setting: theatre. How will he manage to live so far away from his own biggest support, his sister, and adjust to life in a new city and the struggling life of an actor?

Check out the preview below, and don’t miss a new episode of This Is Us on October 11 at it’s NEW time, 9/8c.

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