This Is Us Review: The Big Three (Season 1 Episode 2)

This Is Us tore out our hearts again as a future reveal showed the outcome of Jack and Rebecca’s relationship when “grandma and grandpa” come to visit. Except, it’s Rebecca and Jack’s best friend, Miguel.

This Is Us Season 1 Episode 2 delivered deeper twists in the stories of our newest favorite family. Where is Jack in the present day? If Kevin is leaving for New York, will Kate follow him? What will become of Randall and his biological father, William?

The most distressing of the reveals is that final moment where grandma and grandpa show up at Randall’s house, but it’s Rebecca and Jack’s best friend, Miguel.

First of all, bitch, you can’t marry your best friend’s wife. Second, if we’re supposed to presume that Jack died, you can’t move in on his grieving widow. Miguel is already a failure and we know nothing about him. He’s ruined the true love between Jack and Rebecca and we’ll never forgive him.

Ah, Kevin. Sweet, naive Kevin. His meltdown was long overdue, but he didn’t consider the consequences. Contracts, obligations, there are so many factors to why quitting a television isn’t just possible, especially if you’re the lead. Look at Blake Lively on Gossip Girl or Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both were finished with their respective series around Season 3, both had to carry on for many more years.

Since he quit, contract be damned, he’s basically blackballed in the entertainment business, st least until his contract is up in two years. No television, no movies, but Kevin wants to pursue acting in a new way, one that will allow him growth as an actor: theatre. If only to boost his self-esteem, theatre will be good for Kevin to grow and develop his skills before tackling larger acting roles again, but how long will this last?

Meanwhile, Kate’s story continues to be heartbreaking and so, so real. The saddest part is that Kate struggled with her weight her entire life. One thing, Rebecca, what the hell? You can’t make your 8-year-old eat only cantaloupe for breakfast while her brother’s eat cereal? Make her eggs, something to actually satisfy her hunger and growing body. Anyways, Kate’s story inspires hope in the viewers for Kate to lose the weight. If that makes her happy, we want to see her happy.

Losing weight is a potentially problematic story, though, so tread carefully. Instead of making it a personal choice, based solely on a deeply rooted self-confidence issue, perhaps involving a health scare or a health trigger that finally set her on this journey. No one should feel bad about themselves or their bodies, but it is a very real issue for more and more people, so perpetuating that notion that she’s only doing this because people are laughing at her weight on television isn’t quite the best idea, regardless of the circumstances.

Poor Randall. The rivalry between him and Kevin was so real, and remains so. What happened that caused them to drift so far apart and never speak to each other? He had a hard childhood, especially already by being adopted and being made fun of for that, but to have his own brother join in to be cool, it hurts. It’s no wonder he resents Kevin.

And his biological father is still around. Beth and Randall’s relationship is amazing and goals, and it’s so interesting to see how far they will go for each other. Could her suspicions be right, could William being using them for money? It’s hard to tell, but if Randall had to deal with that heartbreak, he may never recover.

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