This Is Us Season 1 Episode 2 Preview: Bad News?

After the stunning This Is Us premiere, The Big Three are forced to confront the problems they’ve created in their lives with their recent choices.

Coming down from his epic on-set meltdown, Kevin is forced to deal with the consequences of breaching his contract and fears retaliation from the network for insulting them and their business. His biggest fear is probably being blackballed in the business and not being able to land a job, but first, it’s dealing with the fallout.

Kevin didn’t go about quitting his job in the best way possible, and he’s going to have to live and grow from that.

Elsewhere, Randall’s biological father asks for a few dollars. Granted, he’s an ex-addict, supposedly, and he’s supposedly dying, but asking for a few dollars isn’t too bad. He’s poor; he didn’t suggest that he move in with his biological son. She’s creating a scene bigger than it needs to be, and how they will work past this, as a family, will be important for their growth.

Given we know little of Randall’s relationship with his adopted family, this is a big deal for him. To get to know his biological roots and have an understanding to where he comes from, as his siblings lived with their biological family all along. He probably felt estranged at some point.

In the alternate timeline, Jack and Rebecca are parents now, and have to deal with raising three children of the same age while keeping their love and marriage afloat. Producers have said that their timeline will bounce around a lot, from 8 years after the pilot to even before the pilot takes place.

And Kate and Toby’s relationship begins with a rocky turn as they both embrace their weight loss challenges.

Watch the trailer below, and don’t miss This Is Us Season 1 Episode 2 on Tuesday, September 27 at 10/9c.

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