This Is Us Review: Last Christmas (Season 1 Episode 10)

What makes anyone more bitter around the holidays than family drama? The Pearsons have no shortage of that, despite the love they hold for one another deep, deep down. But the most shocking moment of all is the last minute of the episode, where it looks like someone died.

This Is Us Season 1 Episode 10, “Last Christmas,” took us to the holiday of love at the most crucial time of separation for the Pearson family.

The relationship that Rebecca has with her children is both sad and heartwarming. It’s no secret that she loves her children, but the mistakes she unknowingly made in the past continue to haunt her as a mother. Most of all with Kate.

Accompanying her to the consultation for her gastric bypass operation and the consequences of that finally made Rebecca see the fault she has in Kate’s struggle with her weight.

It was always shrugged off as just a childhood thing to do; being shocked when Kate admitted to binge-eating just last month threw Rebecca because she truly thought that Kate’s struggle isn’t as real as it is. Being around a mother that looked so perfect all the time and had men falling over her shattered Kate’s self-esteem, especially as she never was able to lose that weight.

Will Kate get the surgery? Probably not. But there are more pressing issues for her now, i.e. Toby.

From the moment he arrived at Randall’s, something seemed wrong. He literally said he felt like death after he got on the plane, and collapsing over the coffee table is clear indication of that. Will he survive? It doesn’t look like it. His heart stopped as the surgical team continued to work on him after whatever happened.

It’s likely he will survive though. This could be the wake-up call he needed to be on the same page as Kate during her journey to weight loss. He’ll have to start dieting and taking care of himself, or this could happen again. That seems to be the most likely solution, but it also could end up with Toby dead as Kate’s own wake-up call that this could happen to her.

Rebecca: Nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve.

Her kids have kept that saying with them since Kate’s appendectomy on Christmas Eve many moons ago. Randall probably the most of all.

Not only is he a great brother/son, he’s an amazing person. His coworker attempting to end his life stopped Randall until he helped take him down, but whether he did or not remains to be seen. He just knows that he stopped a man from ending his life on Christmas Eve, what’s better than that?

All in all, the Pearson family Christmas is probably one that will never be forgotten. Despite their differences and hard past, they all came together with love in their hearts, and their relationships will be mended. Eventually.

For now, we’ll just bask in the anxiety that Toby is in the hospital until This Is Us continues in 2017. Happy anxiety, everyone!

This Is Us returns Tuesday, January 10 at 9/8c on NBC.

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