The Vampire Diaries Review: We Have History Together (Season 8 Episode 8)

On the winter premiere of The Vampire Diaries, the countdown to the final episode of the series begins. On this episode, we get the question of who is more evil between Damon and Stefan answered, and Sybil just needs to go away… period.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 8, “We Have History Together” was the final of many episodes directed by the talented Ian Somerhalder. However, it’s got to be the season’s slowest episode but we do get a better idea of the dynamic between Damon and Stefan’s brotherly relationship.

Wherever Stefan goes, darkness never ceases to follow him, it being the reason why he is at fault for turning Damon into a vampire in the first place. But on this episode, it only proved my point even more: Stefan Salvatore is more evil than Damon Salvatore. I’ll elaborate.

Stefan is so provoking and manipulated and won’t stop at nothing when he’s shut his humanity off. Ripper Stefan is back and he comes back scarier than ever.

But in “We Have History Together”, he makes way to try and trigger a side to Damon he knows he can’t so ever seem to completely erase and that’s the bits and pieces of the strong memory he still has for Elena. And I’m not surprised. You can’t shake it out of him that easy.

He finds Tara, played by Alexandra Chando, a doctor that resembles Elena in so many aspects, shoot from afar she looked exactly like her! Stefan chooses her as their next victim while Damon doesn’t believe that she is bad. Things go wary after that.

Damon is holding onto some lingering hope inside of him and you can see it, even with his humanity switch back off. It makes him different from Stefan when he’s at this stage, but once Stefan goes bad…he goes really bad. 

I’m still a bit irked on how the final season is coming to its end. They could have had the potential in doing so many things with Stefan and Damon’s arc without Elena, something so different and much more compelling.

Ripper Stefan is back and I’m not sure how much compelling it will go from here, will he be evil till the end? For so long, it was always looked upon that it was Damon as the evil one, he should be the one to be punished, and he should be the one to hold the burden of the lives that’s he’s taken and ruined along the way.

I mean, yeah, gotta own up to those mistakes. But in reality, it will always pin back to Stefan. As much as Damon needs the redemption to get his humanity back and start being sane, Stefan needs it more.

From this episode we see that not only does he play the more evil brother card so well, but it also shows that he has little to no control of his actions. Once he’s gone, he’s gone. 

I’m just hoping the end of the series doesn’t disappoint, it cannot disappoint. We’ve come this far and it’s almost at the end.

Sybil continues to being the most annoying and irritating character this season. I hate her, we all hate her. She’s boring and she needs to go away. But after that little scare she gave Caroline, looks like she’ll still be sticking around for longer. Ugh.

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Stray thoughts:

  • I missed Bonnie and Enzo in this episode. I guess they are enjoying their time in Paris. Cuties.
  • I want to give Matt a hug, always. He needs one, always.
  • That was a slow episode.
  • Michael Malarkey’s song played at the end of the episode called ‘Scars’.

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