The Vampire Diaries Review: Coming Home Was A Mistake (Season 8 Episode 5)

On this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, the gang is back together to as they say goodbye to the departed Tyler; Seline uses Alaric’s twins to do her own bidding, and Bonnie does the unthinkable to salvage her love, Enzo, and restore his humanity. 

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 5, “Coming Home Was A Mistake,” begins with a sad montage where Matt comes back home and calls the group as he becomes the barrier of bad news; way to start a homecoming.

Tyler’s funeral happens and it’s sad to see the only way the gang come together again is when someone passes away. 

I’m still not over Tyler’s poorly written departure. It could have been better, he deserved better. Matt looks the most crushed because he was his best friend and seeing him react to it all pained me. But that scene seemed too rushed.

Sort of expected Caroline to be more angry about Tyler’s death. He was like her biggest love on this show and she brushes her emotions off fast. 

But then again, this whole departure of Tyler has made me very unhappy. Sigh.

Seline, the creepy nanny whom we now know is Sybil’s evil sister has her own agenda up her sleeves. So apparently she wants to form her own freakishly weird family with Alaric’s twins and…Cade. Aka the true devil.

Uh, so it seems that she has a thing for him or what? She basically used the girls to resurrect him and that is not good news at all, betting it will affect Damon, perhaps.

Ah, Damon. What to do about him. It’s crushing to know that this is what his character is headed to. Okay, so we know that Damon is absolutely petrified, terrified, fearful, you name it of his own hell.

Sybil gave him a glimpse of it and he’s can’t bear it. My best guess is that this reckless and ruthless acts of behavior is his way in showing everyone that this is how he copes.

Damon shows up at Tyler’s funeral and points to the dug up grave holes and says “Take your pick. Because I’m going to bury every one of you”, broke my little heart. Damon is lost, he’s needs redemption and it may take a bit more of Stefan’s plans in doing so.

And that’s so like him. Maybe it’s his way of accepting his fate where pushing away everyone will make the process a little less painful, a little less real. But on top of that, Sybil is playing around with him like some sort of guinea pig and it’s making it even worse!

On the other hand, there’s Stefan using every attempt in the book of “Gotta try to save my brother for the trillionth time,” but fails. Honestly, this whole Stefan hopelessly trying to save Damon is becoming redundant. It’s not going anywhere and Stefan is only exhausting himself. 

We’re on Episode 5, and every episode since the season premiere that’s all he’s been trying to do but the whole plot is going in circles. Stefan, your brother doesn’t want saving.

Not saying we need to toss Damon to the side like a piece of meat he does with all of his victims, but to let him decide on his own. Really, really hope he takes away the tad bid of humanity he’s be able to build up over the course of the seasons and it allows him to come back to himself. 

Just…don’t end the series with Damon left with nothing but a black hole within himself, Julie Plec. Please.

Speaking of humanity, guess who got their humanity back? Enzo! Props to Bonnie and shout out to Kat Graham for such an amazing performance in this episode.

Bonnie pulls the last straw in hopes to bringing and saving the love of her life, Enzo in the most gut-wrenching way possible. Using Enzo’s biggest fear of people walking out of his life time and time again, she is able to save him.

She sacrifices herself instead of having to make him believe that she walked away from him.

We should know by now that Bonnie is the ultimate fighter on this show. The one to sacrifice? Bonnie. The one to go above and beyond in bringing out the good in the people that she loves? Bonnie.

So this move was another one of her brilliant ways in not giving up, and it damn well worked. Bonnie and Enzo are beautifully written relationship. I’m here for it all. Bonenzo has my heart, okay!

Matt has endured way too much, from losing so many loved ones in his life only to having to be thrown around like a beating bag for any violent situation he’s stuck in, he needs something good going for him.

Before Tyler’s untimely fate, he sends a package for Matt which comes with a letter and photos of Seline. Towards the end of the episode, Caroline shows Matt photos of the twins and their “perfect” nanny. He tells Caroline that Seline is basically bad news. Matt to the rescue!

Maybe he might even be the one to save Damon. Who knows.

The Vampire Diaries continues Friday, December 2 at 8/7c on The CW!

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