The Vampire Diaries Review: You Decided That I Was Worth Saving (Season 8 Episode 3)

The Vampire Diaries is going back to the beginning of it all. On this week’s episode, Damon’s redemption is put to the ultimate test, Enzo shuts off his humanity and puts his trust in Bonnie to save him somehow, and Sybil is still a manipulative, selfish bitch that needs to just go away. Also, did Damon just kill [SPOILER]?

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 3, “You Decided That I Was Worth Saving,” tied so much to how the show used to be in Season 1 where relationships were at stake with a crazy twist at the end.

But most importantly, the title of this episode tied into how far Damon thought he would go in actually being worth saving once again, as he’s stuck in the wrath of Sybil’s mind control, having to give up on himself for good.

Sybil wants her men to be fully devoted to her and only her, and she can’t stand that. So what does she decide? She orders Damon to kill Bonnie knowing that she means a lot to both Damon and Enzo. Jealous much, you immortal hag? I’m not the only person that wants to smack her in the face whenever she speaks, right? So irritating. 

As if she isn’t majorly manipulative as it is, she twists the game by making Bonnie choose between Damon and Enzo when she makes them fight to the death. TVD writers, why must you victimize Bonnie again, and again, and again? She’s always put in some unbearable position and every time she’s put in that position she is in a helpless state. This time, it’s without her magic. It’s been gone. Poof.

Stefan played Switzerland as he tried his best to not have Damon and Enzo rip each other’s head out. Either way, it was obvious that Stefan would choose Damon if it had to come down to him helping. Stefan’s countless devotion in saving his destructive brother since Season 1 is interesting to watch. He never gives up on him, even when Damon already has on himself, and when he deserves it the most.

Bonnie chose to save Enzo instead of Damon. It was a hard decision but Bonnie knew Damon would be able to come back from it. But can he, though? I’m glad she was able to choose for herself. She knew Stefan would pick Damon over Enzo, because his brother comes first, and she knew there wouldn’t be anyone to fight for Enzo.

Bonnie and Enzo continue to break my heart once again. He puts a hold on their love when he shuts his humanity off so Sybil wouldn’t kill her. It’s sad to watch, but the trust he had in her knowing she would bring him back was touching.

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Hoping the writers give these two a happy ending, besides Delena. With the short time we’ve had Bonnie and Enzo come together, it was simply refreshing to watch their love blossom.

A familiar face comes back to town to get through to Damon: Tyler. Tyler uses some reverse psychology thinking it would work. Tyler with that stash, though, I dig it.

Tyler’s attempt in convincing Damon NOT to kill him goes wary because just when you thought Damon would let him go, Damon loses himself…for good. He bites Tyler and doesn’t stop. Where were those hybrid skills, Tyler?! FIGHT BACK.

IS TYLER DEAD? Say it ain’t so! They cannot just do that to his character, not after all those seasons. Nope, we refuse to believe that Tyler is dead.

After this episode, it’s clear that Damon wants no part in being saved, which after all this time, he showed that he too can be saved.

Elena did, once, and if he was able to in the past, he could make it through now. Getting a little anxious on how his story will pan out in this final season. In this episode, Sybil erases yet another memory of Elena out of Damon’s head. What’s next? Make him forget his name?

“You Decided That I Was Worth Saving” was distressing to watch, but in a good way. It’s Season 1 Damon again, but darker and much more stoic with this ridiculous mind control. Damon’s character shows a lot of depth but he needs that salvation. Looks like it’s going to take a little longer to reach it. But then again, it’s The Vampire Diaries, and when have they not tortured us with the characters’ storyline as the episodes go on?

Some tidbits of the episode:

  • Damon is still reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Would have thought he would be done with it by now…Sybil: You can’t spell Damon without ‘damn’. 
  • That’s the realist thing someone has said about him thus far.
  • Seeing Alaric with his daughters.
  • Caroline’s going to have to put a hold on her wedding planning, that’s for sure.
  • When’s Matt coming back? Bring back our only last surviving human.

The Vampire Diaries continues Fridays at 8/7c on the CW!

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