The Vampire Diaries Review: Today Will Be Different (Season 8 Episode 2)

The Vampire Diaries is sort of embracing its dark side again with the second episode of the season eighth. Sybil’s mind control over Damon and Enzo is gnarly, Alaric has an interesting intern, Bonnie and Enzo’s situation is breaking our hearts while congratulations are in order for Stefan and Caroline. Yay?

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 2, “Today Will Be Different,” gave us a look into our treacherous big bad for this season: Sybil.

She’s venturing to have a little fun with Damon and Enzo, and it looks like it’s only about to get worse. But the real question is, what exactly is she up to? What’s her main master plan in all of this? Quite frankly, it’s frightening to even think about. She’s seductive and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. 

Enzo and Bonnie’s forbidden relationship is killing us. He wants to keep Bonnie safe by not allowing Sybil to know who he truly loves, but the cat is out of the bag now because Sybil knows.

For many seasons now, Bonnie Bennett has probably got to be the character that’s been through hell and back one too many times. From legit dying at one point, to being the anchor of the other side, and to sacrificing herself for the friends that she loves. It’s become impossible to grasp the future she’s desired because she can’t save the man that she loves. Enzo reassuring her that she never lost him was very hard to watch. Can they be happy together, please? Their love for each other is ruling in this final season. It’s a relationship most hardly even saw coming!

In this episode, we also got to know more about Alaric’s research intern, Georgie, and she seems rather interesting. Well, so far. Georgie has some demons from her past. As they continue their search inside the armory, reveals that she too, like Damon, have seen hell when she almost died. She shows Alaric a tattoo mark on her stomach that links to a clue she finds which is the exact same symbol of her tattoo. I’m ready for this mythology adventure!

The Vampire Diaries hasn’t gone with this type of route before, which seems really intriguing when you think about it. It’s less vampire-y and more mythology with clues, all that fun stuff!

Damon is struggling with his humanity again. As we know, he completely shut it out in the premiere last week, and Sybil is determined to figure out why he disobeyed her command in killing Sara Salvatore. She forces her way into his mind and see’s the small part of humanity he’s holding onto as he revisits the first time he met Elena. It’s what’s been keeping him going. Those Delena montages were everything, by the way. Elena please come back!

Knowing that Stefan was able to persuade Damon not kill Sara, their only living relative, showed just how much Damon is trying to fight off Sybil before she takes over and ruins it all. If Damon doesn’t have that memory with him, how will he move forward from this? He’s already ingrained in his mind that he’ll be going to hell. This is scary, very scary. 

Oh yeah, Caroline and Stefan are engaged. Sorry, but their relationship feels so forced, to be honest. They’ve only been together for like six months? Sorry, Steroline shippers, your ‘ship is putting me to sleep! How random is it that they are bringing the whole marriage idea now? From the start of this series, the thought of marriage hardly ever came up with these vampires.

Overall, this episode didn’t have THAT much going on, but it’s only the second episode of the season. This final season only has 16 episodes, though, and now we’re down to 14… so the clock’s ticking! The premiere brought more nostalgia of the first season than this episode did. Hopefully the next episode has more action.

The Vampire Diaries continues Fridays at 8/7c on the CW!

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