The Vampire Diaries Review: We’re Planning A June Wedding (Season 8 Episode 15)

We’ve reached the second to last episode of The Vampire Diaries and show wraps up all of its drama with an interesting twist we didn’t see coming following the penultimate Steroline wedding. It’s the beginning to an end.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 15 “We’re Planning a June Wedding,” is a decent episode as the show does its best in getting close to wrapping the series for good. I’m just about ready to bawl my eyes out because I cannot seem to grasp that the show is actually ending, after 8 wild and epic years of this vampire-drama inducing TV show.

Throwing it back to the pilot as to when Caroline first set her sight on Stefan Salvatore, the title of this episode is the line she said to Bonnie in the pilot when she was so smitten by Stefan.

“We’re Having a June Wedding”

Crazy to think Caroline got what she dreamt for. Somehow at least.

This penultimate episode of The Vampire Diaries wasn’t all about a great big wedding. As we all know on this show, nothing comes sweet and perfect without some crazy drama added onto it. As a lure to bring the baddest bitch of all, Katherine Pierce, out of the shadows, Damon insists Stefan and Caroline tie the knots soon to piss off Katherine even more.

This episode had a lot of sweet and raw moments that just made you already miss the show while it hasn’t even ended yet. Caroline looked stunning in her wedding dress, gotta tell you the dress really suited her well. She was a beautiful bride.

Bonnie tries her best in putting aside her bad blood with Stefan and actually stands by Caroline’s side, which I thought to myself, “If Bonnie Bennett isn’t the greatest best friend, I don’t know who is.” I can only imagine how she must have been feeling, on this hesitant path of forgiveness to Stefan. She is the bravest. Enzo being the one to ask her to forgive him shows you have much of an honest and forgiving heart he has.

Speaking of a heart, Damon’s heart to heart with Caroline before her big day is as sweet as it could ever be. I’ve really enjoyed Caroline and Damon’s scenes this season, they’ve come along way, and I mean a LONG way. His sweet words to Caroline remembering Liz and praising how wonderful she was truly a beautiful moment to watch.

Another beautiful moment was when he gave Caroline Elena’s necklace and just being so genuine about it, made me see all the growth that is Damon Salvatore. I think I’m the only one that believes he’s not beyond redemption.

Alaric’s voiceover speech got to me, it was so raw and so beautifully heartbreaking to hear him speak as he misses out on Caroline’s wedding and having to lessen the pain of watching the mother of his children marry someone else. But what he said about the whole gang coming together after all of this tragedy and craziness was something else.

Speaking the way that he did about all of them is the epitome of how the whole gang became as close as they ever could be despite all that they’ve been through.

“We’ve all made terrible mistakes in our lives, done things that no apology can heal. But you just have to keep going, try to find some new happiness no matter how much you’ve lost. The strange thing is: Losing those people is what brought us together. It’s how we found each other. It’s what made us family.”

Watching Alaric speak like that made me skeptical to wonder…what if Alaric might be the one to fall to his death in the finale? I can’t help but wonder and try to analyze who it might be. But honestly, at this point, it could be any of them.

Steroline’s wedding was rushed to set things in motion with a bunch of compelled guests and having Damon do the ceremony was funny but I guess it was sincere on his part being there for his little brother. Gosh, I’m going to miss the Salvatore brothers.

Who would have thought Katherine would be smarter than she actually appears to be. Not going to lie, I thought she was actually going to make her grand, stiletto wearing curled-haired appearance and wreck shit up. Surprise, surprise, guess she wouldn’t stoop so low.

It was indeed Vicki and Kelly Donovan doing her dirty work! What a twist. Nice to see Melinda Clarke on-screen again, but I had a feeling she was dead, but it was sad to know that no one bothered to notice that had died two years ago. Again, another family heartbreak clings onto Matt Donovan. Give this kid a break, man!

We now know what Katherine’s mission is to burn Mystic Falls to the ground, letting it burn into ashes. Another person I suspect that will fall to their death is Matt, maybe he will feel the burden of being the reason behind the town’s destruction because of his family. Sadly believing he might do something, or sacrifice himself for something so big. Just a thought but actually thinking about it makes me sad.

Also, WHAT. HAPPENED. TO. BONNIE?! Why are the writers doing this to Bonnie?! 

Writing this second to last review of The Vampire Diaries is making me sad. The finale hour is going to be an emotional wreck, we all know it. Who will be the one to die? How will the Salvatore brothers story end? Will Bonnie Bennett get some ounce of her happiness? 

I’m full of questions.

“We’re Having a June Wedding” was an episode that brought a lot of feels and we can only hope the series finale will satisfy us more than we know.

Other thoughts:

  • Why is Dorian still around?
  • Lizzie and Josie siphoning Bonnie’s powers was pretty cool. Just knowing that she just wanted to die to be with Enzo broke my heart.
  • Drunk Stefan is a funny Stefan, would have been entertaining if we saw more of that!

Before the series finale, The CW will air a 1 hour retrospective at 8pm with the cast and crew talking about their journey of the show all together, looking back at 8 years in the making and behind the scenes goodness.

The series finale of The Vampire Diaries airs March 10 at 9/8c on The CW.

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