The Vampire Diaries Top Moments: It’s Been a Hell of a Ride (Season 8 Episode 14)

On this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, so much craziness happens and once again this show proves that it can still pull one of the best twists.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 14, “It’s Been a Hell of a Ride,” was simply just that. A hell of a ride. By far one of the best episode’s of this final season and just knowing we are coming close to the final home stretch, two more episodes left of this series, is really starting to get to me. It’s almost over.

“It’s Been a Hell of a Ride” is a solid episode, and here are 8 best moments that were just too awesome not to note!

Katherine Pierce is back, and she’s been running hell this whole time.

As Kai puts it, “the myth, the legend, the baddest bitch of all,” Katherine is back to wreck shit up, and I am so ready for this to happen! This whole time, this whole freaking time Katherine has been running hell like she owned it. Best moment ever, and everyone’s reactions to it…priceless.

Damon: We’re doomed.

Damon sacrifices himself to save Elena and Stefan.

This moment, you guys, was powerful in the evolution that is Damon Salvatore. When given the hardest ultimatum of all from Cade to decide to save Stefan or Elena’s soul, he chooses to sacrifice himself. Some may say that Damon is far beyond redemption, but I disagree. He has had his fair share of inflicting a heavy amount of pain since the start of the series, but he is in the path of redemption.

In that moment, it showed just how much Damon wants to change and his selfishness is slowly starting to unfold to being a selfless person. Well, kinda. He was paying Stefan back and doing the right thing in sacrificing himself and that says a lot for his character. He needed this and it was displayed very well.

Bonnie fights off Cade to save Damon’s soul.

Sorry Katherine, but Bonnie Bennett is the baddest bitch of all, to me. The way that she embraces and firmly uses her powers is as heroic as she’s always been. Bonnie wouldn’t stand down without a fight against Cade in saving her best friend from being swirled away into Cade’s devilish arms. That moment was so full of strength and undying dedication for the people that she cares about, and here, it’s for Damon. Once again, Bonnie proves numerously that she goes above and beyond for the people that she loves.

Damon, you have one hell of a best friend. 

Cade is freaking d-e-a-d.

Ding-dong the devil is dead! Might I say how relieved I am to know that Cade’s storyline is burnt into ashes, knowing that he’s gone thanks to Stefan for stabbing him with the dagger straight into his heart. Cade was just…ugh, no comment. However, that scene was pleasing to watch. No more selling your souls to the devil Damon, no more.

Alaric whooping Kai with that mace chain.

That was satisfying to watch. Alaric being in control for that short second and releasing his anger on Kai was much-needed. It was for himself, it was for his girls and it was for Josie. (Even though Caroline got to do that last part for him) Still, great scene.

Bonnie creating a new prison world for Kai.

Maybe Kai can yelp and review his own new prison world now, don’t you think?

With the help of the twins’ Gemini powers, Bonnie was able to create a whole new prison world for Kai, where he belonged. Just when you thought an ounce of him could be saved, he turns around and makes you regret ever thinking that. He’s a sociopath for life, and you can’t change him. One of The Vampire Diaries’ most intriguing and more brutal villains this show has had. We can give him that at least.

Stefan re-proposing to Caroline.

Mmm, I think most of you may know I still stand by shipping Klaroline and I can’t seem to nudge. However, that moment between Stefan and Caroline was touching and Stefan needs his happy ending. He serenades her with his charming words and she’s still willing to be with him. It’s the end of the series, and sadly, Klaroline isn’t happening. One can dream, right?

So this is me settling. Hah.

Damon and Stefan sharing a moment on the hood of the Camaro.

Every time Damon and Stefan share a moment, they never fail to make it real and genuine. These brothers have been through so much and in this scene, where they opened up more to each other was just the icing on the cake for their relationship. Stefan is adamant in wanting to atone for all that he’s done and Damon tries to let Stefan do better in a different way. He knows first hand of being the ultimate sinner and the king of inflicting “fantastic” amount of pain, but what he says to Stefan nailed it shut.

Damon describes why he doesn’t need to go on a spirit journey with random people to convince him that his redemption is within reach isn’t the way to go. He says,

“I just need the people I love. This list is short, but profound. You’re right at the top, along side a girl I hope to marry one day. Don’t walk away from your list because you don’t think that you’re worth it.”

Damon’s growth this season is needed and it’s showing, though it took a while in the beginning of the season. It’s a side of him that had to happen.


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