The Vampire Diaries Review: What Are You? (Season 8 Episode 12)

The Vampire Diaries is taking us on a wild ride now that Stefan is officially human, Damon gave away the Maxwell journal over to Cade to burn to ashes and our favorite psychopathic villain, Kai, is back like nothing every happened to him.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 12, “What Are You?” was a solid episode continuing on from the aftermath of Season 8 Episode 11. Everything is a mess now, and everything that’s happening from here on out is nothing but a surprise. Also, we’re 4 episodes away from the series finale and the nostalgia is kicking in.

Stefan turning human has him at his most vulnerable state yet and he could quite literally die, just like that. Poof. Not even drinking vampire blood can save him because of the cure. Ooops. Do I feel sorry for Stefan? Eh, a bit. Is this his fault? Yes, yes it is.

Sure, all the ruthless murders her caused as Ripper Stefan was not him in his right state of mind, but it was also him at the same time. He killed way too many people, and that a lot is something that is really, really, going to be tough to be forgiven. Caroline is in denial, doing everything that she can to save the man that she loves and it’s clouding her judgment. He killed her best friend’s boyfriend and she’s going to eventually marry him. Bonnie ignoring Caroline’s 50 something missed calls was not surprising. It’s a lot to tackle on, really.

Bonnie is broken, she is hurt, and she is grieving. When Bonnie grieves, we all grief. Just when you thought she had her magic back after all this time, she really just opened up the door to hell which allowed her to hear voices of Enzo. You guys, Enzo is in hell and my heart hurts too much.

I liked the fact that Caroline called Abby to be by Bonnie’s side when she couldn’t herself. At least she had her mother by her side, even though they weren’t really on great terms with each other. I’m glad Bonnie had someone to be there with her, and not her selfish friends that have unintentionally screwed her over and over since the start of the series.

Bonnie Bennett deserves better, say it with me now! She always deserved better and it only gets worse for her, I don’t get why. This was the last draw, ripping away the man that she loves. So, so, unfair.

Meanwhile, Damon tries to once again fix things in the only way that he knows how: by being selfish. All for his brother’s sake, ofcourse. 

Damon’s love for his one and only brother is admirable, and very brotherly, yes. However, he would risk everything and everyone else’s wellbeing for Stefan if it meant that he could save his life. Damon is an irrational thinker, and it clouds his judgement. A lot.

When Alaric asked Damon why he only cares about a loss when it’s only his and Damon responds back with the only way that he knows how by saying, “Because, say it with me Ric, ‘I’m selfish’.”

This is Damon Salvatore, and that’s always been him. He prioritizes the way that he cares but it sucks that he won’t look back for the destruction that he causes. He needs to fix this.

“What Are You?” brought a different side to Matt’s character. I swear, is it just me or has his character arc upped to more importance in this final season? Where was all of this for the past seasons? They could have done so much more for his character along the years, but I guess better late than never?

Matt going back to the past to see how his ancestors were all those years ago was an interesting take and even more interesting to see that he played his ancestors character. A job well done, Zach Roerig. Sybil and Selene were in that past. As I rolled my eyes with their presence, it was creepy to see that they too played a big role in the storyline with Ethan Maxwell. 

Kai’s return was hilarious. He’s baaack! Damon’s facial expression was filled with surprise. I think we all can agree that Kai has been the wildest villain The Vampire Diaries has had on the show. A villain that owns up to his psychopathic and maniac ways is a villain that keeps on coming at you with surprises.

I mean, Cade is insane too. He’s more subtle with his devilish ways, but Kai, Kai. is one of a kind. His signature hand wave is as creepy as his demeanor. 

Other stray thoughts:

  • Kai’s return means he’s about to wake up sleeping beauty aka Elena Gilbert. Oh boy, what fun!
  • Who the heck, kidnapped Stefan? What’s going on? What a rough day as a human.
  • Something tells me Matt has something up his sleeves. He has that anti-vampire rage and he’s going to unleash it.

The Vampire Diaries continues with its final 4 episodes Fridays at 8/7c on The CW!

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