The Vampire Diaries Preview: What Are You? (Season 8 Episode 12)

As we’re down to the final 5 episodes of The Vampire Diaries, Enzo is dead and Bonnie struck Stefan with the cure. However will we go from there?

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 12 will be an episode of lots of frustrating and some really tough decisions. As the end is fast approaching, we don’t really know what to expect, especially after the events that occurred on Season 8 Episode 11.

Stefan killed Enzo while he was on his way to kill Elena. He is not himself, he has no humanity, and no humanity Stefan is quite literally the worst person ever. How will Bonnie cope from that devastating loss? I’m worried for Bonnie, this is going to be hard to watch.

Though we do know that something happened when Bonnie wailed so hard over Enzo’s dead body, something tells us that her magic is back and boy do I hope it is.

Curious to see how Damon will react knowing that Stefan ripped Enzo’s heart out. He must feel something.

Now that Stefan is errr, human, things are about to get more intense. In order to save Stefan’s soul from the horrible Cade, he makes a deal to get ahold of the Maxwell journal. Seeing that Matt and Alaric are already working on it to find clues on how to eradicate Cade for good, they refuse to give it to him.

Well, well, well, nice to know that Alaric is back. It’s been quite a while, dontcha think?

Damon’s duty now is basically trying to get Stefan back, it comes with a cost obviously. Stefan is so destructive.

What will he have to go up against? Can Bonnie possibly be able to do something to bring Enzo back if she 100% has her powers back?

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 12 airs Friday, February 10 at 8/7c, only on The CW!

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