The Vampire Diaries Review: You Made a Choice to Be Good (Season 8 Episode 11)

On this episode of The Vampire Diaries, Cade’s new assignment for both Damon and Stefan becomes a deadly task resulting in a demise of a beloved character. 

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 11, “You Made a Choice to Be Good,” was an episode that showed how brutal and ruthless Cade is. Cade makes the past villains on this show look like amateurs. Though, the ending was the worst part of it all. Crush my heart out, why don’t you?

We’re down to just 5 more episodes of The Vampire Diaries, and having to say goodbye to this show is approaching fast. There is a lot of messy things happening. After Season 8 Episode 11, I don’t really know what to expect anymore.

Cade’s assignment was initially for Damon where he makes him choose from killing 100 civilians (that are bad in Cade’s book), or to kill Caroline instead. Obviously, Damon thinks of a plan B now that he has humanity back on, he has a conscious. Thank goodness! When Cade realizes that Damon is wishy-washy on his task, he offers the same exact task to Stefan after freeing Stefan where he was held captive by Damon and Caroline for his own good.

Vicious and heartless as ever, Stefan chooses to kill Damon’s love of his life; aka Elena. Can he be more horrible? Doubt it.

Stefan is really bitter against Damon without his humanity. It’s like he goes out of his way to ruin Damon and him choosing to kill Elena to hurt Damon was such a low blow. The shade he threw towards Elena was so mean, didn’t think Stefan had it in him to say all those things. 

Stefan continuously blames Elena for driving a wedge between him and Damon even until now but it’s not like he’s going to make it any better if he kills her. Damon would never, ever, forgive him for that. Though I get the whole Elena being the cause of their rocky relationship. This chick fell in love with both brothers. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Enzo’s refreshing and healthy love story is cut far too soon then expected.

They wanted to build a future for themselves, and be happy but that ceases to exist on a show like this, right? Bonnie deserves to be happy more than anyone else on the show, and on this episode that hopefulness was ripped away from her by non other than Stefan. 

Stefan killed Enzo. Stefan ripped his heart out, and I am not okay. Did I not see this coming? Not really. Maybe it was just the denial thoughts in me thinking that they wouldn’t actually kill Enzo off and not particularly in the hands of Stefan.

Then again, it’s The Vampire Diaries, and what we’ve known on this show is that there is no such thing as a happy couple that gets to plan for their future. Also, no matter how much we want it to happen, Bonnie is not allowed to be happy and put herself first, for once. 

Bonnie’s face and reaction was unbelievable heartbreaking to watch. This isn’t fair, this isn’t right. They were finally about to be happy and now once again, Bonnie Bennett gets screwed over like nobody’s business. It’s safe to say that Bonnie’s character hasn’t been handled with care. She’s always the one taking the fall for her friends, always doing “the right thing” but never allowed to do that for herself. I’m worried for the next episode, how will Bonnie react to this all?

Before rushing over to Enzo’s deteriorating body, Bonnie injected Stefan with the cure. Hello human Stefan, long time no see.

Wondering what this will mean for everybody now. Sigh, we are in for a lot more heartbreak…

Other thoughts:

  • Bonnie wailing over Enzo’s body not only shook me to tears but it looks like it triggered her magic. Her cry caused a wave.
  • If burning Cade alive and ripping his heart out can’t kill him, what can?
  • Damon makes some nice breakfast.
  • When is Alaric coming back?
  • Is it mean of me to say that I do not miss the siren sisters? They were not compelling and enjoyable to watch. Oops.

The Vampire Diaries continues Fridays at 8/7c on The CW!

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