The Vampire Diaries Review: Nostalgia’s a Bitch (Season 8 Episode 10)

On this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries we take a detour into Damon’s subconscious as he is in hist catatonic state as we see some pretty familiar faces and so much more.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 10, “Nostalgia’s a Bitch,” was by far the best episode of this final season and boy did it get me emotional. But seriously though, where was all of this beautiful writing and storytelling in Season 7? In the final ropes of the final season, the nostalgia is not only a bitch but it’s definitely feeling too bittersweet.

Caroline and Bonnie take a dive into Damon’s subconscious as they are first unable to snap him out of his catatonic state, of what seems like his own personal hell. Now that his humanity switch is back on and all the guilt is finally rushing through his mind.

This episode was full of so much forgiveness and some that you didn’t see coming. Damon wants to be forgiven, but at the same time he wanted to be able to officially forgive Stefan.

Stefan turned him into a vampire without his will, and we never really got a chance to see Damon forgive him for it, but we saw just that in this episode. Too bad Stefan still has humanity switched off. Though the scene was very much hard to watch, kudos to Ian Somerhalder for his great acting as always.

Damon apologizing to Matt for Vicki’s death was something I didn’t see coming. Because he killed Vicki way back in Season 1, but at least Damon FINALLY owned up to it. It was still kind of random.

Matt and Damon have always been at odd situations with each other, never an easy interaction with the both of them. But with all this guilt he’s holding onto, I’m glad Damon is actually striving for the redemption he so ever needs.

Damon redeeming himself is like the best ending the writers could write for his character. A character development and arc that went through and hell and back but leaving him with a happy ending for his story.

My favorite scene of this episode was by far the scene with Damon and Bonnie. It was heartbreaking, beautiful, and so real to watch. Geez I teared up. Damon finally read, more like memorized, the letter he left for Bonnie years ago when he decided to be selfish and desiccate himself in the tomb and wait for Elena to wake up.

She needed him the most then and he left her and we never got know what he wrote in that goodbye letter, but we finally do now and it was so beautiful.

“Because you, Bonnie Bennett, are an amazing woman, a mediocre crossword puzzle player, and my best friend.”

And it is in that moment when I knew Damon Salvatore was always the better brother for me. Hate me if you may.

This scene right there displayed the growth of Damon’s character showing what an exceptional man he is.

Bonnie and Damon’s friendship didn’t start out great, that’s for sure. It took them a long way, and many times of Bonnie threatening to destroy him with her powers earlier on in the seasons. Oh the good ol’ days.

Bonnie and Damon’s friendship was definitely something that looked like it would blossom on throughout the seasons of the show and it did just that. She’s his person, and he’s her person. That scene blew me away, great performance by Ian and Kat.

Is it just me or has Matt become such an integral asset to this season alone? With the whole bell thing and family history, it’s like why didn’t the writers give him all of this before? He has more purpose now, not that he didn’t before. It’s just different with his story this season.

He was that token human for so long, being tossed around to so many near death experiences and treated so poorly that now he could be the one saving Mystic Falls? Interesting.

My other wish before the series ends is to finally allow Matt Donovan the happiness that he deserves. He has been through so much and he deserves so much more.

Other Thoughts:

  • So Cade is back and I think he just destroyed Sybil and Selene for good…
  • Stefan is too much without his humanity. He has no self-control and goes out of his way to make things worse.
  • Matt asking his dad to kill him in order to die hero to save the town was heartbreaking.

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