The Vampire Diaries Review: Hello, Brother (Season 8 Episode 1)

It’s the beginning of the end, folks. The Vampire Diaries is back with its eighth and final season and the nostalgia is so real. The Vampire Diaries has been the CW’s second longest-running TV show since 2009. The final season premiere came with a bang as it introduced a creepier and horror-filled side of The Vampire Diaries, much like the beginning of the series. It had many what the heck moments and snippets of the pilot episode of the series. Looks like the final season will be a ride that we won’t forget.

As an avid The Vampire Diaries watcher since the beginning, it feels so surreal that the show is coming to end soon and that the season premiere was the last premiere we were ever going to get. Though the show lost its spark sometime after Season 4, where more viewers became ex-viewers of the show, it just kept on going and some viewers like myself kept on watching just because. The show has made it this far, so here’s to hoping the final season won’t disappoint!

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 1 starts off with a rather creepy air as we figure out what Damon and Enzo have been up to following the months after the Season 7 finale where they were trapped into that vault with a mortifying, unknown creature. These two mates are definitely under some crazy mind control by a greater evil, and they cannot seem to fight it off.

The premiere opens with Damon and Enzo targeting their next victim on the road as they mess around with them first before taking their unfortunate fate in their hands. You realize that they are completely not themselves and question just why the heck they are doing to all of this to so many victims. Turns out, it’s for the creature that has them in this blood-curdling mind control.

This creature feeds off of the worst of humans when you notice that before Damon and Enzo catch their victims, they ask what the worst thing they’ve ever done is.

On the other side of things, we see how it’s been for Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, and Alaric.

Stefan and Caroline are making the most of their relationship, seeing them all happy and stuff. Then there is Bonnie, poor, poor Bonnie as she is desperately trying to cope with the loss of not one, but two people she loved the most being gone. She is broken and has lost all hope.

Alaric now owns the armory, and with the help of his interns, he is trying to figure out why the vault seems to be so powerful. (Damon and Enzo are nowhere to be found in there, of course.) It’s great to see Alaric back in his element, teaching and all, but at the same time looking for clues as to what happened to our two missing vampire buddies.

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One of the consistent things that occurs on The Vampire Diaries when someone is suffering, tormented and all of the above is that they turn their humanity off.

It seems to work just fine, for only about two seconds before they cause reckless havoc. Elena, Caroline, Damon, and Stefan have all done it at some point. Now, Damon is doing it again, and it’s to fully to protect himself from losing the few people that he loves.

We see that he turns it off so the creature that has them on its fingernails won’t be able to know what their thinking and feel what they’re feeling, so it makes it easier for him not to care. However, Enzo has a hard time with it as he slowly but surely turns his and Damon’s victims into a series of clues for Bonnie to figure out where they are and what they are doing, and it worked.

Bonnie is in full Nancy Drew mode and that hope she’s lost in the beginning is completely returned. However, Stefan is the one that is now feeling hopeless in getting his brother back.

Towards the end of this premiere, we are then introduced to this ugly, flesh eating creature and it’s a… SIREN. Mythology at it’s best, right?

It’s a she, and she has awakened and is also full-on feasting as she rises from the bloody pool, and she looks like a mess. Surprise! What do have in store for this final season? I guess we have to keep watching to find out!

Other thoughts:

  • Damon is reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”; I guess he needs some type of distraction in all of this, right?
  • I wonder what Matt is up to as he left Mystic Falls. My heart aches for this human that has been through so much.
  • Caroline’s kids are living with her in her childhood home. Awww.
  • “Mommy, what’s kale? “You don’t want to know.” That’s how you do parenting right, Caroline!
  • That “Hello, Brother” line from Damon totally brought to back to those Season 1 feels. In other news, Julie Plec says the titles for each episode of the final season are all past quotes of the shows. Nice!

The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays at 8/7c on the CW!

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