“The Shallows” Review: Blake Lively Captivates

The Shallows, starring Blake Lively, is about a woman on a journey of self-discovery who, while searching for a secret beach her recently deceased mother told her stories about, is attacked by a Great White shark, left alone with a slim chance of survival.

Blake Lively’s performance as Nancy Adams in The Shallows overcomes the criticism of her past roles and challenges those who disbelieve Lively’s talent. It isn’t often an actor or actress is able to carry an entire film by themselves and keep it mildly intriguing, and this film breaks the mold.

There are about eight other characters total in the film, one of these is only seen by text message. It focuses solely on Nancy Adams and her quest for survival in a dire, unlucky situation.

The film has cheap tricks for effect, but the emotional moments have Lively shining. She’s just lost her mother, went on a journey to find herself and see the world, and now she is confronted with the very real threat of death. Watching three other people be ripped apart by a shark can’t be easy.

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Is it unrealistic? Probably. The events of the film hint at the barest possible solution, which is luck. Nancy Adams’ skills as a med student helped with injuries, but it’s highly unlikely that she would’ve been functioning much at all after two days of losing blood with no water and food.

Perhaps it isn’t the story of surviving a shark attack, so much as it’s a story of overcoming the obstacles life throws in your way. With mild jump scare horror techniques.

The Shallows is a must watch for those who enjoy a little thrill, and for those who have doubted Blake Lively’s performance as an actress in the past.

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