The Originals Review: Voodoo in My Blood (Season 4 Episode 8)

Davina supplied Hayley and Klaus with invaluable information on the Hollow before she tried to kill the latter parent, and Marcel and Elijah scratch the surface on their broken relationship.

The Originals Season 4 Episode 8, “Voodoo in my Blood,” proved to be another great installment on this season’s fight against the Hollow. The writers never fail to amaze me in how they depict wars/battles. This episode had two twists I wasn’t expecting, Davina’s betrayal and the Hollow stabbing Elijah with lethal thorns, and I know they will heavily inform the remaining episodes of the season.

Davina’s Return

Davina’s return into the fold was amazing. Many people were angry with her decision to sacrifice Klaus to kill the Hollow (namely me) until Marcel enlightened us as to why she did what she did at the end. At first, I was pissed they’d painted Davina as some monster who couldn’t listen to reason. Davina has always been compulsive, but with enough explanations and pleading, she has always swayed back to reason. This episode… not so much.

And Marcel tells us exactly why: she’s lost faith Marcel, Hayley, and The Originals capacity to take down this foe. That tells us two things: 1) this is the most dangerous being The Originals have ever dealt with. So much so that Davina was spooked into making a horrible decision. And 2) there is most likely no other way to take this villain down. Davina Claire is many things, but she is not slow-witted. If she was willing to sacrifice Marcel’s trust and Kol’s love, just to take down the Hollow, then everyone must be in straits more dire than they have realized.

Personally, I still advocate for Davina to return as a regular to this series. She offers a different dynamic to Klaus and Marcel that no one else on the show can, and I believe the narrative could still benefit from her presence.  

Hayley’s Relationships

My favorite lady finally had a centric episode and I was in bliss the entire time. I mean I knew Hayley was a queen, but the Crescent’s being the origin of the wolves is on another level of royalty. Not only that but they had their own magics and with their power, they created one of the most powerful witches of all time. Powerful enough to create a curse strong enough to create a race of people in her pre-teens (I’m assuming). The wolf origin story was frightening and sad, but goodness– Hayley’s family began an entire race of people. No wonder Hope is destined for greatness. Both parents have powerful witch blood in them. 

We not only learned more about Hayley’s and the wolves’ past (yay!), but we also got a confirmed and fresh dynamic between Hayley, Klaus, and Elijah. Season 4 hinted at a possible love triangle between Hayley, Klaus, and Elijah through Rebekah’s curse mark rant; however, it was hard to see the dynamic then. Hayley and Klaus had a newly trusting and positive relationship, but Hayley was firmly seated on #teamElijah. This season is thriving in a new dynamic that makes Klaus and Elijah equal contenders for Hayley’s heart.

This season, the new dynamic was hinted at when Hayley first asked Klaus and Elijah to come back to NO with her and Hope. She specifically said, “I need you both.” Yes, Klaus is Hope’s father, so of course, Klaus was going regardless. But this is the first-time Hayley admitted to needing him emotionally. Then we got Klaus and Hayley centric episodes as we’ve seen in episode 7 and 8, where their chemistry and growth as a pair shone through the TV screen. We now see Hayley smiling more at Klaus than she has at Elijah since the season began.

This growth between Klaus and Hayley parallel inversely to Elijah and Hayley’s relationship.  While Klaus has grown as a man and stopped acting like a sadistic psychopath, Elijah has increasingly acted without morals. Hayley keeps asking Elijah to try to do better as a person, but Elijah is still shown to fall down the learning curve like it’s greased. This has lead to a more rocky relationship between the two. No, Hayley still does not hold Elijah to the same moral bar she holds Klaus, but at the end of the last episode, we see her keep her kiss from Elijah until he has accepted the knife Hayley told him to return to Marcel.

Is this a sign that his continued cruel actions might lead to a breakup between the two, now that Hayley is reevaluating what she wants in a life partner? Who knows. We do know that everyone’s relationships with Elijah will be put to the test when everyone figures out he is dying.

Marcel’s Relationships

One thing I couldn’t help but notice during the episode is that Marcel is running out of people who truly care for him. Elijah went home to Hayley. Klaus went home to his daughter and Hayley, but Marcel went to Davina’s grave. Of course, Klaus cares about his son, he’s proven this many times. But he has yet to fully admit it to Marcel without using his affection as a bargaining tool. Hayley has shown a softer side toward Marcel, but we all know her reaction to his death last time. All Marcel had left was Josh and (surprisingly) Sofya. Now Sofya has been taken over by the Hollow and that just leaves Marcel with one trusted friend left.

Although I feel bad for him, no one said it was easy to be king. King’s must constantly monitor who they trust because they need to weed out foes dressed up as friends. Or foes who are dressed up as tentative allies, namely Elijah. Their relationship was touched on this episode. Although Elijah and Marcel’s banter always makes me laugh, their relationship is broken beyond repair. As Michael Narducci, the EP of The Originals, explained last night on his Twitter account, Elijah knows he will never be able to right the particular wrong he did to Marcel and now he must deal with the consequences.

Narducci explained we’ll be getting more on the two in the upcoming episodes and I can’t wait to see what he has in store. A part of me needs their relationship to gain closure for everyone’s sake.

Hope the Savior

We got to see Hope save the Mikaelsons in more ways than one on Friday. What a thrill! She not only saved Klaus from being the monster that he used to be, but she also physically saved her father from the ancestors’ magics. Yes, little toddler Hope blew away the ancestors’ magic like it was slight work. They hinted that she’d be one of the most powerful witches known to date but seeing is truly believing. She was phenomenal.

Although it was a momentous victory, Hayley’s worried look at the end of the episode while she hugged Hope shows she is either worried about the strength of her daughters magic or she’s worried the “always and forever” promise might twist her daughter’s good intentions as it has the generation before her. Alaric hinted at a possible answer to Hayley’s worries with the Salvatore School. I doubt you can learn to be evil under Caroline’s perceptive watch, and it’d be a way she can be more around friends and less violence and danger. Klaus wouldn’t hear it when Alaric spoke about it to him but I think it could be a possible answer to either of Hayley’s possible worries.

Especially when you take into consideration that danger and bloodshed seem to follow The Mikaelsons everywhere. Exhibit A: Elijah is currently bleeding out and dying in Marcel’s home as Hayley, Hope, and Klaus bite into their cookies. Although nobody died that day, Elijah is now dying and it looks like there won’t be a cure this time around.

Find out what happens next to Elijah and the Mikaelsons on the next episode of The Originals airing Friday on the CW at 8/7c.

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