The Originals Review: Bag of Cobras (Season 4 Episode 6)

Klaus and The Mikaelsons throw a party onThe Originals Season 4 Episode 6 in an effort to get a leg-up on the Hollow. The only problem? The Hollow was already two steps ahead.

On The Originals Season 4 Episode 6, “Bag of Cobras,” the hollow proved to be the Mikaelsons’ better in tactical awareness… again. As I explained in my preview of this episode, the Mikaelsons are known to throw parties in order to make power moves on their enemies, and usually, they are successful — until the Hollow became their enemy.

I’m excited with the developments of this new big bad; it’s an interesting formidable opponent. It has the power to bring back the dead, as we saw with its new dark priest Dominic, it can create magic that rivals Vincent and Freya’s powers, and its minions can be anywhere and doing anything. The cut-throat mantra of the Mikaelsons finally came to bite them in a new way; they hold a weaker position against their enemy because no one trusts or likes them enough to be their eyes and ears, unlike our Hollow. Hello dear Mikaelsons, karma is knocking, can you hear it?

Although there is a part of me that enjoys the Mikaelsons getting humbled when they act like they own the world, this villain does need to be defeated, and there is no other family on this earth that could pull that feat like the Mikaelsons. We’ve seen them defeat their supremely powerful parents twice, we’ve seen them one-up the witches supported by thousands of years of ancestral magic, and we’ve seen them best an uber vampire that was supposed to be invincible. So, if anyone has the resources and power to take down the Hollow, it’s the formidable Mikaelson family.

Earlier, I said the Mikaelsons have no one on their side to be their eyes and ears, but I that wasn’t completely true. They have Vincent and Marcel, even though the latter is still locked up in a dungeon. And unlike the Mikaelsons, these two men have all the connections and loyalties of their followers that can be used to attack this new foreboding adversary. We saw this in the beginning of the season as the Marcel and Vincent did most of the heavy lifting through intel and resources to protect Hope and the other children. This aspect might be why the Hollow wants both Marcel and Vincent as well, in addition, to the other reasons stated in the episode. It’d be cutting the legs from under the Mikaelsons by taking away their only upper hand. 

Speaking of Vincent’s resourcefulness, at least we got an answer to where Vincent was the last episode. He researched and figured out the patterns of the Hollow: attacks in 4s, hates children, and must kill his enemies to gain power. Also, considering what we learned from Elijah’s interrogation and Hayley’s past visions, with the help of Freya, it seems this episode made a lot of steps toward getting our bad guy. 

I hope Hayley digging into her past didn’t have the sole purpose of finding the Hollow’s bone. As I’ve stated plenty of times before this, Hayley’s past needs more exploration. In 4 seasons, we’ve only gotten a summary from Marcel, a couple of pages from a journal, and a 2-minute vision on the past of The Originals’ leading lady. I think we need more. We’ve noted that Hope inherited Klaus’s passion for painting and sensitive spirit. Did Hayley get anything from her parents? Where did her perseverant spirit come from? Her sass? What about her charming way of helping those in need when she can and making those around her better people? I’d love to find out, and I think this season would be the opportune time. 

Freya has learned something out about herself recently that I don’t think the audience knew about her character; she is clearly attracted to women just as much as men. The chemistry between Freya and Keelin is through the roof. I wish I could enjoy them two getting to know each other. However, the way they met each other (the capture, lock up, and torture like she was just some animal) still gives me reservations. Am I the only one?

It was truly hard for me to believe anyone can quickly forgive someone who has tortured them in that way, whether their family is similar or not. Elijah and Freya, knowing Elijah ripped out Marcel’s heart and started the whole cascade of events, still want to kill Marcel for getting revenge on them. Although that response is selfish, their reaction is understandable, human behavior. In light of this, complete forgiveness for these atrocities in less than a week acts as a large reach for me.

Unless Keelin represents the real snake in the Mikaelson mix. Vincent and Klaus saw the snake on the tarot cards and, conveniently, there was a snake around Dominic. If there was one thing I’ve learned from The Originals, nothing ever works that easily for them. Yes, it can be argued that this happened because they wanted the Mikaelsons to think they had the upper hand while the Hollow’s minions stole Tunde’s blade. However, who took it in the first place? Keelin had time to freely roam around the Mikaelson house before Freya got there because no one would suspect Freya’s new crush. We saw Vincent do a mental scan, but he never shook her hand. 

Of course, Dominic could have solely acted as a smoke cover, and Keelin could solely be the person who will change Freya’s current mindset on life with love. Yet, it would be really intriguing to find out the Hollow got to Keelin after her kidnapping and convinced her to join its side, due to her treatment from the Mikaelsons. It would also explain why she wants to be her captor’s lover instead of high-tailing it out of town as soon and Freya freed her from her chains.

Overall, this midseason premiere was amazing. I enjoyed watching the game of Mikaelson chess that I’ve enjoyed for over 3 seasons now. This episode did a lot of work in introducing tons of new information about the Hollow and developing key relationships to the story.

Both the strengths and the weaknesses of these two adversaries make for an exciting second half of season 4. Don’t miss the next move made by the Michaelson’s on the Hollow front. I doubt it will be anything less than exhilarating.

The next episode of The Originals will air next Friday on the CW at 8/7c.

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