The Originals Review: Keepers of the House (Season 4 Episode 4)

The Originals divide and conquer, looking for ways to save Hope and the lost children of New Orleans. We got intense action, villain revelations, and motif progression all wrapped into one amazing episode.

The Originals Season 4 Episode 4 was, hands-down, one of the greatest episodes the series has ever aired. It did so much work for the plot, the threading of the show’s motif, and the relationships between our favorite characters. I must say, I was very upset when I found out this season would only be 10 episodes, but goodness, what wonders it has done for this show’s story-telling. Everything is executed so methodically and cohesively, I’m not as mad about this season being cut in half.

The motif The Originals have stressed since Season 1, the Mikaelson family promise and its negative repercussions on the world and their characters, is beginning to really shape up through this episode. Last season introduced the idea that maybe their “always and forever” vow, isn’t as noble as they intended it to be. This season we see our characters understanding this, learning from their past mistakes (well some of them), and trying to do better for Hope – the next generation of Mikaelsons.

This season has emphasized this aspect since it began. It was highlighted in episode 3 with Hayley recognizing the destructiveness of her actions to bring back the Mikaelsons, Klaus’s therapy with Cami in episode 2, where he directly voices his concerns, and Elijah’s realization (hopefully), in this episode, when Hayley calls him out for his monstrous intent toward the children.

I find it interesting this is the first time Hayley has noticed Elijah’s monstrous actions toward anybody in the way of his family’s safety (Hello? Didn’t she give him congratulatory sex last time he did this i.e. when he ripped out Marcel’s heart?). Or maybe Hayley just hadn’t cared about doing better then as she does now. She’s had 5 years to see Hope grow up into this wonderfully sensitive and innocent child. This is what might have caused the huge shift in her view of “always and forever.”

I mean, Hope’s reformative powers have also had the same effect on Klaus within 2 days. Or has it? He says he wants to be better and do better, but it seems maybe his “always and forever” has just been shifted to do whatever to protect Hope at all costs. This idea is echoed in his promise to Hope when he says, “I’m going to keep you safe, always and forever.” But can you blame him? I mean look at the cuteness (shout out to Summer Fontana’s acting) that is Hope? It’s honestly any and every parent’s vow; I just hope Klaus doesn’t miss the point of wanting to be better for his child by still recycling the same violent narrative. However, on the other hand, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so my hopes for Klaus’s redemption are still very high because at least he’s trying.

That’s more than we can say for Freya right now. She has placed this misguided vendetta toward Marcel in the box of big sister. But as our characters are on the road to realizing, achieving a great quality of life is not that black and white. The “always and forever” vow has made them view all things in this world as survival or death. That is not how the world works. There are grays everywhere. As I’ve stated before, I think Keelin will play a large role in convincing Freya of life’s multichromatic nature this season.

As we saw with the relationship of Camille and Klaus or Klaus with his daughter, people your heart is invested into have a certain sway over how you think. I believe Keelin and Freya’s budding relationship will be similar to Camille and Klaus’s, where Keelin will show Freya there’s more to life than murdering all who don’t breathe the way you like. Keelin seems very pre-Davina’s death Vincent and Marcel reminiscent, in how loyal she is to Freya and her willingness to be at the latter’s beck and call. This behavior, although survival induced, still gives me reservations. We saw how the Mikaelsons handle their errand people when they no longer do exactly as they’re told.

Soon this will be over and Keelin will be free to do what she wants. I think in that freedom, we’ll see how Freya and Keelin’s relationship has left Freya changed or unchanged. It’s not that I believe Freya has to change, it’s just that this reformation has been the motif of this show since its beginning, and I don’t believe Freya is exempt from this lesson. She is a Mikaelson. And the Mikaelsons are now surrounded by so many people who make them want to be better people.

Speaking of doing better, Vincent was one of the keys to this episode’s only victory (as usual). As a character, he is truly growing on me, and Yusuf Gatewood’s acting is a large reason why. He is so convincing in all his scenes, which has made Vincent such an asset to this show. We didn’t get a lot of new information on his character this episode, but I’m glad this season is aimed at exploring him and his role in New Orleans a bit more.  I can’t wait to see what the Hollow has in store for our Regent.

The Hollow has shown the Originals more of his character in his attempt to siphon the energy from Klaus and Marcel. You can tell he made Kinney attack Marcel because he knew Klaus would enter the circle to rescue him. The Hollow seems to have a parent-child fixation that I hope we get to clued into soon. As I’ve explained before when the symbol was first introduced, the Ouroboros symbol represents an age-old alchemy symbol that represents immortality.

According to this Britannica article, “Ouroboros“, the dragon eats its tail, because it’s attempting to make itself immortal by “continually devouring itself and being reborn from itself.” Creepy right? Apparently, it represents the unity of the spiritual and the worldly aspects of life, which explains its messages of unity to all of its cult-like followers.

He is working off of the bitterness the witches, wolves, and humans feel toward the vampires, Hayley, the Originals, and Marcel. As Hayley said, a lot of horrible things have happened to the people of New Orleans ever since the Originals decided to camp there, and now the chess pieces that were used in the Originals’ wars are being persuaded to fight back with this all-powerful, magical spirit. I’m dying to see what our favorite characters will do next now that Klaus and Marcel have been infected by our big bad, the immortal Hollow.

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