The Originals Review: No Quarter (Season 4 Episode 2)

Has there ever been a war where both battling sides are victors in the end? The Originals show us just how a war like that would pan out in episode 2, “No Quarter.” The Mikaelsons won their brother back, Marcel maintained his status as King, and New Orleans remained relatively peaceful before the real battle begins.

The Originals Season 4 Episode 2, “No Quarter,” did not disappoint as we saw The Mikaelsons and Marcel finally come head to head for their spoils. My prediction of the events that would transpire was almost correct. Rebekah first tried to manipulate Marcel by using their love for each other, Elijah tried his hand at an apology and instead tried to appeal to Marcel’s logic, Hayley tried to appeal to his ethical principles by pulling the “orphaned Hope” card, and Kol and Freya acted as the muscle of the whole expedition.

However, what I miscalculated was Rebekah’s love for her brother. It never crossed my mind she would threaten Marcel, the man she once claimed to be the love of her life, but that’s exactly what she did in this episode and didn’t flinch once. I was happily surprised when she pulled out the hex blade and pointed it at Marcel’s heart with a new ultimatum: give me back my brother or you’ll pay with your life. Aw my Klebekah heart. How will I ever recover?

Another person who surprised me in this episode was Klaus. The Originals Season 4 Episode 2 did a great job alluding to the former King’s personal battle this season. For Hope, Klaus will be at war with himself to try and break the cycle of hate and bloodshed he’d unintentionally enfolded his first child in. It’s such a noble task; one day he may teach Freya and Kol the same lesson, assuming he’s victorious in his endeavors. This episode proved Elijah has finally begun to learn his lesson by respecting Marcel’s loved ones (even with a sibling at stake), Josh. Hayley is back to showing her relatively principled side by being the first one to demand Josh stay alive. And Rebekah has always been the secret softie, who never really needed this lesson to begin with. 

I can’t wait to see Klaus battle against his old bloody habits and volatile emotions that he usually lets run rampant. Hope is proving to live up to her name by finally giving the old merciless hybrid a reason to believe he can live up to the light Camille and the rest of his family believes he has.

Freya might be easier to instill morals into than Kol, though. At least Freya has some in-built moral compass as a human she chooses to ignore. Kol has been… well… Kol for centuries. Davina, his only redemption, is still dead, so the only morality we can truly expect from him is toward those he knows Davina once loved. Everyone else is up to heart-grabs, and I don’t think he has any plans on changing (not that I truly want him to).  

The same can’t be said for Klaus. Klaus still has his growing moral compass in Hope, and, although he still has Camille in his subconscious to remind him of healthier ways to vent his anger, his ever-strengthening relationship with Hayley is also a point of strength. I know Hayley is currently still spoken for by Elijah, and by no means do their interactions show a declining in their love for one another. But it is hard to deny Hayley and Klaus’s chemistry when he looks at her the way he did when she was walking upstairs toward the house. And who could blame him when Hayley never fails to look like an ass-kicking super model in every scene?

Speaking of model-esque scenes, can we talk about Charles Davis’s acting in this episode? His scenes with Rebekah oozed with such chemistry and longing, a part of me wanted the two to throw caution to the wind, and make a go at their relationship one more time. Then his scene with Elijah and Hayley when he reverted to the little child within to finally vent his pain pricked my eyes with tears. We all knew Marcel wanted vengeance for himself and Davina, but he never overtly explained how much it hurt that the only family he’d ever known had betrayed him without hesitation. The pain in his eyes shone through with every word.

His last scene with the Mikaelson family was executed just as well, but I disagreed with what both sides had to say. By showing mercy and letting the Mikaelson family go, Marcel made himself distinct from the age-old family. However, the tact in his decisions and the blood-lust in the execution for his plan of revenge had Mikaelson written all over it. No matter how desperate Marcel is to separate himself from that family, I don’t think he will ever be able to completely distance himself. He is all parts suave Elijah, tactical Klaus, big-hearted Rebekah, and even blood-thirsty Kol (with his need to put on shows for everyone). There is nothing anyone can do about it no matter what Kol or Marcel says. I think the desperation in Marcel’s eyes during this scene belied this very fact, and I also believe this season will mark him finally coming to terms with that reality.

In the end, all sides remained relatively victorious. Although Marcel lost his trophy, he maintained his title and won his self-respect when his principles were put to the test. And the Mikaelsons got to complete their family with a touching reunion between Hope and Klaus. I wish all could remain happy, but, in the wake of Vincent’s run in with the new big bad this season, I don’t think the happiness will stay for long. Soon the Mikaelsons, Marcel, and Vincent will all be up against the deadly new villain, and if the sinister Ouroboros symbol is anything to go off of, it will be one hell of a fight.

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