The Originals Season Finale Review: The Feast of All Sinners (Season 4 Episode 13)

The Mikaelsons go through with the tough decision to never see one another again in order to keep Hope safe. New Orleans is back to rights, Hope enrolls in the Salvatore school, and Klaus must finally deal with being alone. 

The Originals Season 4 Episode 13 finale definitely had a lovely closure aspect to it. I’m assuming Narducci and co. decided if this would be the last season, everyone will get their happy endings… except Klaus that is. Kol and Davina are getting married. Freya finally gets to experience love with Keelin without someone dying every week. 

Elijah is freed from his all-consuming loyalty to Klaus and his love for Hayley. Rebekah and Marcel can finally love each other with nothing as a barrier. Vincent has New Orleans back, while Hayley gets to experience a relatively normal life with her daughter as she mingles with new friends at the Salvatore School. The only person who had to deal with loneliness cold turkey and be taken from his family is Klaus Mikaelson — the forever suffering bastard son who, for the first time in his life, actually deserved better. 

Davina’s Happiness and Her Relationship with Marcel

On the one hand, Davina finally gets the happy ending that I’ve been screaming she deserves. Her life had been in constant turmoil since she was 16 and her death was so limiting. When I heard Davina would be back this season, I was ecstatic. When I saw that she would get her happy ending with Kol, the man who’s no longer a psychopathic, serial killer, I was even happier. 

However, I couldn’t help but wonder if she ever plans to see Marcel again. At this point, it seems Davina couldn’t care less about Marcel’s life or safety. I understand her love for Kol. I even understand her love for Josh. What I’m having trouble getting a grasp on is how Davina cares for them more than she cares for Marcel. 

Season 3’s subplot was completely hinged on their father/daughter relationship. For goodness sake, Marcel started a war with the Mikaelsons because they made sure she couldn’t come back. He knew possession of the serum was already an act of war and he did it anyway — for her. Davina has done the same thing for him many times too, and yet, Marcel couldn’t even get a mention. I thought the finale would address this gross oversight but here we are. 

Freya’s Journey Since Season 2

I wish I could say Freya’s personality has changed a lot throughout the season but honestly it hadn’t. She was still willing to kill Marcel to keep Elijah alive. She still made heartless decisions and didn’t apologize for them. However, I don’t think the point of Freya’s arc this season was for her to change. It was to spark the change in her that we saw in Klaus after Hayley and Hope came into his life. Keelin will be the beginning of her finally acting more human than rabid vampire. 

It would’ve been rushed if her complete demeanor changed in only 13 episodes, but close to the end of the season, we saw a different Freya than we’ve ever seen. I actually found myself empathizing with her when she planned to abandon the only life she had known as a witch to make sure Hope got to be with at least one of her parents. Instead of killing herself to make sure everyone stayed together, she also learned to put her own happiness first. Rebekah gave her great sister advice: family is wonderful but happiness and love are better.

I’m sure Freya will come up with a spell that will let everyone come back together in their home of New Orleans again. Carina McKenzie affirmed season 5 will be in N.O. and what’s The Originals, without the Originals? Lines would be hard to deliver through the phone every scene. Therefore, either Freya comes up with a fix, Hope creates a fix or Vincent was lying from the beginning and they never really had to separate. Can you imagine? Honestly, it would explain how Klaus was able to spy on his big brother and nothing happen to them.  

 Elijah’s Official Freedom

Not that I think Elijah deserves a reprieve from the repercussions of his own decisions, but the scene where Marcel erased all of his memories was very emotional. His entire life he was at the beck and call of his brother. He’s sacrificed himself and his happiness for Klaus’s redemption. And now that Klaus became redeemed, he couldn’t continue to live on with the decisions he made to get them there. It was his only chance at peace and the only way Hope would be safe. Elijah and Klaus have absolutely no self-control when it comes to staying away from one another. They’re the Sasuke and Naruto of the TVD universe.

His decision made complete sense as did his chosen profession after he released all of his previous baggage, but I wish we could’ve explored his decision to kill Marcel a bit more. Marcel’s conversation with Klaus showed that he still felt like he was nothing to them. So he hasn’t forgiven Klaus or Elijah for what they’ve done. Elijah didn’t even try to mend fences before he asked a favor from him.

Nevertheless, Marcel granting him his freedom showed a growth that he was struggling with all season. Becoming a good man, in spite of what he was raised to be. I liked that Marcel didn’t forgive Elijah, but he was willing to grant him peace. 

Rebekah and Marcel’s Love Story

I honestly didn’t think Marcel and Rebekah would get together so fast after everything that had happened between them. I thought they would break everything down to slowly build their relationship back up — this time without betrayals and lies. Maybe they will do that, just while they’re dating. The conversation they had outside of the building was neat closure for their past, so it’s not like they’ve left anything unsaid.

I knew Sofya wouldn’t end up with Marcel, but I didn’t think she would be purely used as a plot tool either. It’s hard not to feel bad for her. She never avenged her family and the man that she loved never loved her. It would’ve been nice to see the conversation Marcel had with Sofya. There are a lot of things this episode that were glossed over for the sake of time. It reminds me of the last episode in how slow that one moved comparatively to this one. 

The pacing of Rebekah and Marcel’s reborn relationship could’ve been a bit slower and his break-up with Sofya could’ve been a bit more explored. But I can’t say I don’t like how things ended. Claire and Charles always had great chemistry, and I’m so happy my girl Rebekah finally got the love she had been looking for her entire life. She deserved this happy ending. 

Hayley, Hope, and Klaus

I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again, Summer Fontana completely slayed her role this season. That sweet little girl played her part very well. In regard to her character, I’m glad she’s back in a groove. Sofya had such a hard time bouncing back, and I thought it would be much harder on Hope because she was a child. However, I sorely underestimated the little Mikaelson witch. It was great to see Hope blend in well with the other girls and make friends.

Hayley is finally free of her own bonds when she moves to Mystic Falls to give Hope the childhood she deserves. I’m sad she won’t be able to be in an area with other wolves, and I’m even sadder that Hope seems like she won’t even know her werewolf roots at all. But her healthy growth as a strong witch and as a child is more important, so I know why being at the Salvatore school remains the priority for Hayley. 

Their ending scene was sweet, but by no means was it completely happy. Hope only got to spend a number of months, maybe even weeks, with her father. Klaus had anticipated making up for the 5 years he was busy saving everyone else’s skin and being the best father for her. He even changed his entire personality to be a man his daughter would be happy to call her father… and yet, Klaus ends up alone again. All that he had sacrificed done in the last season’s finale and afterward, makes it harder to swallow. At the very least, Klaus deserves to be with the family he has worked so hard to protect. Unlike Elijah, he doesn’t have a mental reprieve, but he is the one with the crippling fear of being alone. Who will be there to help him when he needs it?


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