The Originals Review: Voodoo Child (Season 4 Episode 12)

Hope has been completely taken over by the Hollow while Freya and Keelin’s relationship is still thriving, and Hayley has come to terms with her decision to make a clean break from Elijah. Klaus has his hands full with his own crescent wolf as he strives to save Hope, and Rebekah and Marcel do their usual, “I hate that I love you” angst dance in the wake of Sofya finally waking up.

There is always at least one episode every season that comes up lacking. The Originals Season 4 Episode 12 was that episode. Although a lot happened, the pace in which it occurred among the superfluous dialogue made the events drag throughout its hour slot. With its slow building pace and explanatory nature, “Voodoo Child” seems to be the episode that primarily set the scaffold for the highly anticipated finale, “The Feast of All Sinners.”

High Point: Relationships

Although this episode was overall pretty underwhelming, it had some gorgeous gems tucked into a couple of minutes here and there. Hayley, Klaus, and Hope interactions were the best parts of the episode. This series focuses on the Klaylope dynamic, and it is paying off this season.

Hayley and Klaus talking about Hope’s future and planning to leave the dangerous city of New Orleans was a very nostalgic moment because it reminds the audience of the last time they left and had a family building road-trip with Klaus’s fashionable “Mother Trucker” hat. This reminder provided fond and comical memories for an otherwise very dark and heavy episode. 

Other highlights in the Klaylope dynamic include Hayley’s full-throttle mother bear mode, and Klaus telling Hope what we all got to experience the moment he laid eyes on his daughter, he “wanted nothing more than to be worthy of being [her] father.” I loved that Klaus finally opened up and told his daughter about his past. Hope’s perceptive eye probably gauged this about her father already. But Klaus admitting his past failings shows even more growth in a season where he has almost become an entirely different person — a better father, family member, and man. 

Another high point was Freya and Keelin. Their relationship has grown a lot in the little time they’ve known one another, but again, Keelin shows us a side of Freya that the audience needs to see more often. We get to see Freya vulnerable in regard to her romantic love interest. We get to see a more gentle and kind side of her that I adore. Since Keelin adds this new dynamic to the eldest sister, I hope she stays for the next season. I can’t imagine Freya opening up herself in this manner only to have Keelin ripped from her in the finale. 

High Point: Acting

Another facet of this episode that I was completely here for was Yusuf Gatewood and Summer Fontana’s acting. Both absolutely murdered their roles and scenes. Vincent was just as convincing as always (even given less than stellar lines), and Summer played Hollow-Hope to a T. She made very distinct differences in demeanor that were so important to the selling of her role.

Hope’s prideful face in The Originals episode, “High Water and a Devil’s Daughter,” still had a vulnerability to it — an openness. The Hollow’s prideful face as she’s telling Hayley the genius of her plan is much more sinister and cold. These little nuances completely sold the Hollow’s possession. 

Vincent also proved to be an MVP of this episode with the level of intensity that he used when he delivered his lines. The Hollow has possession over the body of the most powerful witch the world has seen, and Vincent delivered a much-needed urgency the episode needed to portray these dire straits. 

Low Points: Pace and Dialogue

As I explained before, the pace of this episode was entirely too slow. The dialogue played a large part in this. There was a lot of talking going on and few moves that were actually being made. Everyone seemed to be walking gradually walking through their scenes, or filling the empty time between action moments with incessant explanations. 

This moment was highlighted when Vincent had a cartoon villain moment and re-explained the entire game plan to the Hollow before he actually attempted to do the work and finish her for good. Why in the world would he explain exactly how he planned to kill the Hollow… to the Hollow?

The comedy of that moment almost made me think it was another trap like Marcel’s taunts were. Well, not exactly. Apparently, he just felt like gloating, which lead to his and the family’s failure. Now the Hollow has Hope’s body and her own horde of minions at her beck and call. Smooth move team.

I honestly felt that everything that happened could have been condensed to 30 minutes, and we could have transposed the other 30 minutes to the beginning of the season when Freya and Keelin were falling in love.

I know I’ve complained and gotten over the road Freelin went through to become a couple, but those 30 minutes could’ve been integral in explaining how the relationship went from captor/captive, to owner/leashed dog, to a couple in love. 

What’s Next

Elijah must finally deal with the repercussions of his actions this season and try and fix the cracks in his mind created by his vampiric transition. Rebekah and Marcel must finally deal with their feelings for one another because absolutely no one believed him when he said he wanted to choose Sofya.

I believe he let his loyalty control his decisions instead of his heart. Sofya put her life on the line for him multiple times, and ended up in a coma because of it. I’m sure Marcel is trying to deal with his feelings of guilt and loyalty, but I hope he doesn’t let that keep him from trying one last time with Rebekah. They have both grown so much since they last tried to give their relationship a try. I’d love to see how it all pans out with their new character developments. 

Most importantly, the team must save Hope and free her soul from that dark and lonely place the Hollow has shoved her into, and Hayley, Klaus, and Hope must go out and do some more family building. This entire season revolves around this family dynamic. All the hard decisions Klaus and Hayley have had to make regarding their own lives are all due to the happiness of their family and their daughter. It would be refreshing to see the fruits of that labor. 


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