The Originals Review: A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken (Season 4 Episode 11)

Hayley and Elijah’s relationship officially blew up, this time, seemingly for good. While Hayley was dealing with her past love choices, Freya and Kol were trying to come to terms with having a loved ones that weren’t family, Keelin and Davina, and Klaus was finally stretching his legs in this new “decent person” mantle he’s taken up lately. Love and all its troubles were in the air last episode, and it proved to almost conquer all. 

The Originals Season 4 Episode 11 was a packed episode filled with so many character and plot threads that have finally come to fruition. Rebekah and Marcel’s love proved to be stronger than both of their best intentions. Davina and Kol’s love was rewarded by the Hollow (ironically) giving them their second chance.

Hayley has finally come to the realization her past toxic decisions in love could have lasting decisions for her family, and Klaus has shown real growth in his new role as a better brother, father, and person. The audience got to see all of this occur, and we got to see Freya and Hayley finally take down the Hollow’s mortal form. This episode was incredible! 

Burn It All Down

Last episode, we saw Hayley finally come to terms with what she’s known deep down all along: Elijah is a monster. This season had been building to her realization of this fact since the 4th episode, “Keepers of the House,” when Elijah contemplated killing children to save his brother. Finally, Hayley is past the stage of denial, and she willing to own up to her decisions. It’s about time. 

The Mikaelson sisters had their own realizations to come to during this episode as well. Freya actually hesitated to die for her family because she feared she wouldn’t be able to be with Keelin anymore. I love that the show is finally showing more attention to the eldest sister’s mental state with all that has been going on. Freya needs to be in control, and she’s endured huge hits that have made her life a different type of chaos since Hayley brought everyone back. Her family is in danger… again. Keelin is breaking down walls that she very carefully put up so she could be the heartless witch everyone has known her to be, and to top it off Elijah almost died. Although I know the rest of this season has a lot to tackle in the remaining two episodes, I would love it if we could explore Freya a bit more in Season 5. I’d like to explore the human side of her more.

Even though both incessantly complained about each other the whole episode, Rebekah stayed in an intimate binding spell with Marcel all day as they caught up with each other. As always, I enjoyed their banter. However this time there was something different about the way they opened up to one another…. well before they burned the house down to get away from one another. The same type of fire Kol was ready to set against his entire family if it meant he could be with Davina again.

Kol, the brother who always felt left out and because of this became a psychopathic serial killer, had finally found the love and comfort he had always wanted as a child in Davina. The lengths both Davina and Kol are willing to go to to be with each other have been consistent since Season 2 of The Originals, and finally, their relationship is starting to grow on me. My cynical ways were no match for the love story these two have.

So We Can Build It Back Up

Kol and Davina’s love wasn’t the only love story I wasn’t prepared to start shipping. Rebekah and Marcel surprised me last episode when they finally had a healthy conversation about their pasts. As I said earlier, something was definitely different about their teary-eyed argument. This time there was no outside motivating force that required they align themselves with one another again. This time there were no excuses — just pain and confusion. I love this new, genuine feel they’re giving to their relationship. It’s no longer bred out of fear or anger at being controlled. It’s bred out of the simple need to be with each other.

The only way they can be out of each other’s minds is if they’re out of sight. I wonder what that spells for Marcel and Sofya? I don’t doubt Marcel would leave the latter for Rebekah in a heartbeat, I just think it would be a really sucky situation to finally wake up from her Hollow induced sleep to find out the man you were fighting for is leaving you for someone else. 

Hayley clearly plans to make moves to do the same thing and break the toxic relationship cycle for Hope. I’ve said in my Phantomesque Review, Elijah has not been the only hypocrite this season. Hayley has continuously said one thing just to do the other. Yes, she loves Elijah — a love that will probably never die. And yes, she will be reminded of the love lost for the rest of her life since Elijah is still “Uncle Elijah” for Hope. However, Hayley is finally willing to heed her own toward the Mikaelson family and do better for Hope. That starts the moment she stops romanticizing the man who treats her second to Klaus and acts as a bad role model in Hope’s life. Elijah has proven that he simply can’t do better– not even for Hayley. 

Contrastingly, Kol was more than willing to be the man Davina fell in love with and it has paid off for those two. They got to ride off in the moonlight together by the end of the episode. I was so happy to see Davina get a happy ending that she deserved, but I was very confused as to why she didn’t ask or care about Marcel’s existence. Did that give anyone else a pause?

Davina has taken on The Originals time and time again for Marcel, and Marcel did the exact same thing at the end of last season for what they did to Davina. Although their relationship is complicated, their love for each other has always been a driving force in this series, plot and characterization wise, mirroring Klaus and Marcel’s own relationship. So why wouldn’t Davina think for one second her surrogate father would want to see that she’s alive again?  I was disappointed we couldn’t see the reunion I was heavily anticipating when I found out Davina wasn’t limited to the attic after her resurrection. 

And Then There Were Two

Since the beginning of the series, the main story has been about Hope and Klaus. Klaus preparing the city and himself for his new daughter, and Hope truly being the person who could save the previously-thought irredeemable hybrid. This huge character thread has come to fruition this episode when Klaus chose not to kill Kol. Pre-Hope Klaus wouldn’t have hesitated to stake Kol for putting Hope in danger, and initially, Klaus didn’t. He had fallen into his old ways and immediately went into a rage.

However, Klaus showed his growth when he chose not incapacitate his brother and instead decided to empathize with him. As I said in my High Water and Devil’s Daughter Review, this time Klaus is truly changing for the better. I am so here for this growth. I know many fans like him rabid and irredeemable, but I appreciate the nuance this gives his character. Klaus is still a deadly being who won’t hesitate to kill the enemy. However, now he only punishes people when they’ve threatened or tried to kill his family. This is a huge adjustment credited to Hope, Hayley, and Marcel. 

Speaking of the super-powerful young witch, Summer Fontana did an amazing job this episode. The worry in her eyes in her scene with Hayley, the fear in her face when Kol first asked her to untie the knot, the pride and happiness she showed as the knot began to untie, and the subtle differences in her speech and body language when the Hollow took over were out of this world. The light and love that usually lit Hope’s eyes had been replaced with slight curiosity laced with malice as Klaus tucked her in, signaling the Hollow had indeed taken over Hope as she had taken over Sofya.

Now, it’s up the Mikaelsons to free the newest and most coveted addition to their family from the twisted grip of the Hollow. Sofya’s mind didn’t fare too well in the wake of the Hollow’s invasion. I hope the family can get the Hollow out of Hope before it has any lasting repercussions. The loss of Hope would rip the Mikaelson family apart. 


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One thought on “The Originals Review: A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken (Season 4 Episode 11)

  1. So it’s okay if Klaus punishes people as long as those people are a threat to his family … I mean that’s what Elijah has been doing all along, in the name of family only. Double standards sometimes. However, that’s definitely growth for Klaus, to finally rise to that level. He’s no longer maiming and killing simply for fun or pettiness. Something Elijah never really did. But Klaus, Kol, Marcel, and Rebekah all did at times. I know some fans are not happy that Klaus is no longer as monstrous as he was, but it is indeed growth way overdue. I never did buy Davina’s love for Kol given that he’s a monster worse than any of them and he’s even admitted it. He might not be a monster to her most of the time, but he still is one. She’s no saint, either, but I think she’s too good for him. Her strongest relationship though not always healthy, but interesting, was with Marcel. She should have had a reunion with him.

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