The Originals Preview: A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken (Season 4 Episode 11)

After the last The Originals episode that gave us a moment to collect ourselves, The Originals Season 4 Episode 11 promises angst, action, and maybe even death. Freya makes a power move on the Hollow by gambling with Hayley’s life. However, the Hollow, lying in wait, uses Jackson as her pawn to knock Hayley off-balance physically and psychologically. All this occurs while Rebekah and Marcel work on a plan to save Hayley from her imminent capture and/or death. 

The Originals Season 4 Episode 11 alludes to a wild ride in the next episode, “A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken.” I knew the last 3 episodes of the season would be action-packed and fast-moving, but I honestly didn’t think we would kick it off with the immediate, attempted assassination of the Hollow. That’s a bit fast. Especially after they’ve only just partially recovered from the Hollow’s last attack. Nevertheless, the Mikaelsons are still painfully reeling from Elijah’s absence by placing their weight in this new attack to end this war once and for all.

The Plan

Freya’s plan, in its entirety, seems to be to use Hayley to attack the Hollow with a magical knife that’s supposed to kill her. I’m excited that they are finally using the information that Davina gave them: Hayley is the Hollow’s weakness. Annoyingly, though, we don’t know just how Hayley is the Hollow’s weakness yet. Davina said the Hollow fears Hayley, but telling from the promotional video for next episode, that isn’t the whole truth.

Freya hasn’t learned any new lessons from her recent decisions. Although the last time Freya and Elijah chose to kill Marcel for the preservation fo the family it ended in everyone (except Rebekah) almost dying, Freya plans to make the exact same decision again with Rebekah for Elijah’s life. Although the last time she tried to attack the Hollow with a rushed plan she almost died, she plans to do the same thing again next episode — just with Hayley being the one in immediate danger. 

I thought Keelin would help Freya grow, but it’s not working. The hints of Freya’s growth, during the Mikaelson party and after she almost died, seem to be for nothing. Speaking of the beautiful wolf, where has Keelin been? I feel like Elijah dying is the opportune time for Keelin to help balance out Freya’s radical decisions. 

The Plan’s Failure

Unsurprisingly, the Hollow knows Hayley is coming for her before Hayley finishes walking through the door. Surprisingly, however, the Hollow is waiting with Jackson to attack Hayley. Yes, you heard that right. Our sweet, bayou alpha is back this episode for another wrestling match with Hayley. However, something tells me this one won’t end in stress-relieving sex. 

The promo shows Jackson twisting a knife in his hands as Hayley tries to acclimate to the knowledge that her deceased husband is alive again. Or it would seem he’s alive again. Earlier this season, Cami came back as a figment of Klaus’s imagination, and Davina only came back as a spirit. Nonetheless, the Hollow recently brought back Davina as a bargaining tool to get Kol’s allegiance, who is to say that she doesn’t bring back Jackson to this same effect?

Well, you could say Jackson menacingly bouncing the knife around in his hand at Hayley and presumably attacking her in the promo does. But, as with many The Originals promos, nothing is ever as it seems, and Hayley seems to be comfortably spilling her heart out to someone in the same clothes she is wearing when she tries to attack the Hollow. So, I predict Jackson will get himself and Hayley some time to talk because he counts as a spirit that can’t be broken and Hayley will be able to release all of her tensions and worries to Jackson. Just like old times.

Although that doesn’t mean Hayley will get to leave the Hollow’s presence unscathed. 

The Rescue Team

Rebekah plans to enlist Marcel on a saving mission for Hayley, which honestly catches me by surprise. Just last episode, Rebekah nodded in agreement to Freya’s request to kill Marcel if they can’t get the Hollow. Does that mean Rebekah plans to go back on her agreement with Freya, or does that mean Rebekah plans to use Marcel’s newfound strength although she plans to kill him later anyway? With Rebekah Mikaelson, one doesn’t truly know what she intends to do. I hope it’s the former though.

I know Marcel will help Rebekah after she begins batting those big blue eyes, but I hope he doesn’t get himself killed or hurt in the process. The last time he went up against the Hollow didn’t work out too well for him. However, Marcel is a very fast learner and I’m sure he won’t make the same mistake he did last time he met the Hollow: underestimate her power. 

The Other Mikaelsons

Although Kol and Klaus aren’t shown in the promo, I can assume the former is acting as a double-double agent for the Hollow but also for Davina. The latter, Klaus, will either be out finding what he needs to find to expedite Elijah’s return, or spending time with his daughter after her traumatizing experience in Elijah’s mind. Someone should be helping her.

After Aunt Freya shoved Hope into a dangerous situation and Hope heard her mother being attacked by her uncle, the little girl has to be feeling scared and confused. Hayley is busy trying to get her own mind right and end the war, so she wouldn’t be too helpful for Hope right now. I think this episode would be a great space to expand Hope and Klaus’s relationship by having the Klaus ease Hope’s mind. 

 The Originals Season 4 Episode 11, “A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken,” signals it will be an eventful ride. I’m so excited to see how the battle with the Hollow will unfold.

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