The Magicians: Top Moments from ”Hotel Spa Potions” (Season 2 Episode 2)

Quentin, Alice, Penny, and Margo team up with the professors at Brakebills to try to defeat the Beast and save the magic in Fillory.

The Magicians Season 2 Episode 2, dives deeper into the hedge witch situation as well, with Marina teaming up with Martin and Julia to try to survive. The stakes are high everywhere, and Quentin is at odds with Julia because she needs the Beast and they plan to end his life soon.

Here are some of the top moments from ”Hotel Spa Potions”:

Marina’s epic return

Marina was a powerhouse last season, and for a long time I just wasn’t expecting her to make any kind of appearance after that. But then the finale brought a whole set of problems for Julia, and the first person she called was Marina. It doesn’t look like there was much contact from Marina’s end after that, which makes sense if she made Julia forget what happened.

But nothing beats Marina and Julia trying to deal with Martin and his incessant singing. I really hope to see them really team up now, at least against the Beast when he annoys them and then against this summoned god whose going around killing witches.

Eliot’s farming deja vu 

Fillory could have gone a lot of ways, but making it lose magic because everyone relies on it so much was pretty creative. 

Eliot is trying to be a good king, yet there’s a lot he has to learn. Or so he thinks, until he realizes that instead he has to use skills that he just wants to forget. Watching Eliot convince the farmers that shit was useful was a scene I could never forget. And of course he found time to be his over dramatic self in between all this decision making. I’m not even going to bring up his almost orgy, I rather see where all that goes first.

The Beast living out his Broadway fantasies

What was he doing? Of all the things that make sense on this show, Martin spending a whole episode singing was one of those rare exceptions. 

Maybe it was to distract himself from his very possible impending doom, but all that singing just made me want another musical episode. Quentin singing Taylor Swift to get Penny to rescue him was truly iconic, and as hard as the Beast tries, he just isn’t as iconic.

But I still liked the way Martin was presented this time around because it didn’t just make him out to be a killer. He is, but as we know there’s a lot more to him that explains his messed up way of thinking. It’s a nice reminder that he isn’t the big bad this time around, he might change that perspective later but for now I’m not worried.

The gang returns to Fillory

There have been different settings and dynamics this time around, all of which were interesting in their own way. But nothing beats having the main core of the show working together towards a common goal, and having the gang back in Fillory is exactly that. Eliot isn’t struggling as much as expected but he’s still not quite himself, having his friends with him might help.

And as much as Quentin, Alice, Penny and Margo were doing back in Brakebills they also seem to do better in Fillory. They might have a true calling back there, it depends on them to save this place and where could they go from there? I think all roads lead back to Fillory at this point, so all of them being in one place again is only promising.

Random thoughts:

  1. Why are Quentin and Alice still a thing? They aren’t together but they aren’t exactly apart. It feels like whatever is still there between them might make another appearance, which I would really not like. I can’t describe their interactions beyond the word bland, and them not being together doesn’t exactly change that.
  2. Penny and Professor Sunderland will remain strange and uncomfortable, teacher/student dynamics never end well. This one especially though makes zero sense, and I’m really starting to miss Kady/Penny or Alice/Penny or literally anything else.
  3. Who loved how intense Marina’s attempt to stay in Brakebills was? I actually hoped she would gain asylum there but Professor Fogg wasn’t looking to help save anyone else at this point … or maybe he has a secret plan.

The Magicians airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.

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