The Magicians Review: Knight of Crowns (Season 2 Episode 1)

The Magicians premiered it’s second season picking up right where they left off, but on a much bigger scale. 

The Magicians Season 2 Episode 1 continued the journey in Fillory, with the group trying to figure out a way to stop the Beast, now that Julia left them in favor of teaming up with him to find Reynard the Fox. Penny ended up on his own journey when attaching his hands back becomes a little more complicated than he expected. The setup for this new season was fresh and once again created a few stories to explore that are all connected to each other.

This season of The Magicians extends to three locations, with Fillory being the most used, at least in the premiere. Quentin, Penny, Alice, Margo and Eliot are reeling from their showdown with The Beast, if they could even call it that. Alice still has that extra power so they have that advantage going for them but not much else. 

Julia and the Beast are already back in New York, although I did like that little moment in the ball pit. The general opinion of the Beast probably isn’t good, even if we now know that it’s Martin Chatwin. We get why he did what he did now, and it does make sense but there is a point where he’s just plain evil now. 

But since he’s working with Julia now, I am hoping we see more of him. Specifically alongside Julia while they look for this messed up trickster god who is on the loose killing people left and right. This season premiere really highlighted an interesting contrast between this weird team up that they have going on. 

Kind of like on The 100, the topic of easing pain and overcoming pain comes up between Julia and Charles. There’s definitely something interesting about these two characters, both having dealt with sexual assault and both still having that dictate their decision making process, working together to kill the god who hurt Julia. Martin even overs to help ease Julia’s pain, but she doesn’t like how it feels and chooses to still have to carry that around. Even though it’s literally haunting her, Julia doesn’t want that erased like she had Marina do in the first place.

Another dynamic that’s still hanging around is Alice and Quentin, but I’m kind of done with them. By which I mean, I was done with them half way through their relationship so now I’m just annoyed. Alice seems certain that they won’t get back together, and as much as I want to trust that, I’m not sure. Those two are very bland when they are together romantically, so at this point they really are better off working on solving the real problem at hand.

And I couldn’t mention hand, without immediately thinking of Penny. My biggest worry for my favorite character was definitely the fact that he got his hands cut off. I don’t know much about all the magic that happens in Fillory or Brakebills, but stitching back limbs is probably not very easy. Yet Margo and Penny find that river easily, then some guy nearly tells them how to heal Penny and everything is great.

Now, Penny probably had a point when he didn’t want to pay someone after the fact. This dude didn’t tell him beforehand that his help had a price, but then you have to point out that usually everything comes at a cost especially magic. 

Penny is now stuck because the man won’t help him fix this rogue magic that’s happening, yet returning to Brakebills might be a different kind of dangerous. He can’t conjure anything up when there’s that risk shining through, can he even do travel magic now or is that included in those side effects from Penny being too sassy?

Much like Penny, Eliot is stuck. Only his stuck is an actual stuck in a land that wasn’t his. Becoming the king of Fillory might be good for Eliot, but that separation between him and the rest of the group will always be there. Quentin, Alice, Penny and Margo could leave anytime they want to. In fact, based off the promo for the season, it’s made clear that they will leave Fillory at least once. They have to if they want to find Charles and Julia at some point. Where does that leave Eliot?

He is a character that I think deserves to be crowned but as always, there’s a cost for everything. Eliot could thrive as a king but he needs his friend group with him because being alone won’t be easy in this new place. 

All in all, The Magicians brought it when it came to the second season premiere. They gave us a lot to think about going forward, especially since there are different journeys that the characters are taking this time around. The set up was perfectly executed and I have no doubt that things will only get better from here.

The Magicians airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.

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