The Good Place Review: The Trolley Problem (Season 2 Episode 6)

While Eleanor and Chidi struggle teaching Michael ethics, Tahani and Jason take up couple’s therapy with Janet. 

On The Good Place Season 2 Episode 6, Professor Chidi and his students tackle an ethical dilemma known as “The Trolley Problem.” Michael struggles to grasp the concept, per usual, and takes it upon himself to try a more “hands-on” approach.

The Ethics Express

It looks as though the characters are actually beginning to make some progress again. Tahani is learning how to be more compassionate from Jason; Jason is learning how to be more human from Tahani; and it’s interesting to see how Eleanor performs in class when she’s no longer the worst student (AKA Michael). She almost acts as somewhat of a teacher’s assistant this time around as opposed to previous attempts where she could barely sit through the lecture. She even gave Chidi a pep talk when he was being too hard on himself for not being able to teach a literal devil how to be good overnight. The dynamic has definitely shifted a bit this season and it’s nice to see them all behaving more like, for lack of a better phrase, their end-of-Season-1 selves. 

Am I the only one who enjoys the budding friendship between Eleanor and Michael? She’s the only one of the group who can even slightly understand how he thinks and they always seem to have a frightening amount in common. Not only did she quickly realize Michael was torturing Chidi again, she knew it was because he felt like a failure and lashed out. As much as I enjoy the two of them laughing at the bad things they’ve done*, part of me hopes his relationship with Eleanor (and his classes with Chidi) will actually change him for the better. They did eventually get him to apologize, and even though it could’ve been fake, a teary-eyed Ted Danson makes me want to believe Michael is actually learning to be good.

*posting your cousin’s credit card number on Reddit because she said you looked tired lolololol

The Problem In The Neighborhood

At the end of the episode, Janet confesses to Michael that she’s glitching and fears the neighborhood might totally collapse. However, if we learned anything from Season 1, it’s that there’s no such thing as “glitches.” This makes me think Janet’s sudden malfunctions are all apart of Vicki’s (and/or Sean’s) master plan. Her confession was much too like Eleanor’s, and as we know, Eleanor was being tricked into thinking she was the problem in the neighborhood when she actually wasn’t. Not to mention that Janet literally fell in love with Jason and got married in Attempt #1, and that didn’t cause any thumbs to float off or frogs to be thrown up. Could this mean she’s working with Vicki or Sean? Or are Janet’s emotions really going to destroy the neighborhood? 

Can we trust any of the characters? Last season we were led to believe Michael was a god-like being and that all of the demons were saints. So it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to believe that Janet, Mindy, or any of the main four could turn out to be evil. 

Last Words
  • Chidi self-admittedly reads the table of contents to calm down and that makes him a Virgo. I don’t make the rules.
  • I applaud Tahani and Jason for enrolling in couple’s therapy. They can’t keep sneaking off like a couple of teenagers to, as Jason would put it, pound it out.
  • By the end of each episode the audience has learned something they may not have otherwise. The Good Place has a way of teaching you without you even realizing it; if my moral philosophy classes were as entertaining and comical as The Good Place makes them out to be, I might’ve actually shown up.


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