The Good Place Review: Team Cockroach (Season 2 Episode 4)

After hundreds of failed attempts, Michael realizes his only option is to team up with the humans. Chidi, Jason, and Tahani quickly agree to work with him, but Eleanor isn’t so easily persuaded. 

On The Good Place Season 2 Episode 4, “Team Cockroach,” Michael makes one last-ditch effort to save himself by working with the four people he’s spent years torturing. Chidi and Tahani decide they want the opportunity to better themselves, while Eleanor debates calling an escape train. 

A Deal With A Literal Devil

Not much happened on this week’s episode except a lot of bickering between the five of them. They essentially argued like siblings for a half hour before finally coming to an agreement. Not gonna lie, part of me was hoping Eleanor would’ve taken the escape train to The Medium Place. Sure, living with Mindy St. Cocaine isn’t ideal, but it beats doing homework in secret and risking getting tortured forever. Plus, I would’ve loved to see the reaction on Mindy’s face when a train filled to brim with cocaine arrived at her door-step. Maybe next time. 

Unsurprisingly, the four of them (plus Janet) agreed to help Michael and themselves avoid eternal damnation. Supposedly there’s a way into the real good place, but do any of us really believe that? It’d be nice to think the four of them, excluding Jason, could actually end up in a better place, but there’s probably no chance in hell. In any case, it’ll be nice to see some actual story progression (and some much-needed character development) now that their memories aren’t being erased every 2 weeks.

Between A Rock And A Bad Place

Yet again Michael finds himself in an almost identical situation to Eleanor in season 1. Not only is he keeping a secret from his superior, but he’s also being forced to take Chidi’s ethics classes. Sound familiar? The longer this season goes on the more I’m convinced Michael is being tortured in the same way he tortured Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason. I wouldn’t doubt that Sean already knows exactly what’s going on and is just using Michael’s misery to his advantage. 

It’s possible that’s Vicki’s plan.

Take #803

There’s no way of knowing for sure how this new plan will pan out. Any one of them (Jason) could easily slip up. It’ll be interesting to see the dynamic between the characters now that they’re aware they have history, but don’t remember any of it. No matter what happens, hopefully there’s more Friends references, and more Janet. Always more Janet.


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