The Good Place Review: Dance Dance Resolution (Season 2 Episode 3)

Michael’s 3rd attempt to torture the humans quickly turns into 200; the demons get increasingly less cooperative, and Vicki comes up with a plan of her own.

On The Good Place Season 2 Episode 3, “Dance Dance Resolution,” things take a turn when a defeated Michael reaches out to Jason and gets a new idea. Meanwhile, a confused and frustrated Eleanor visits Mindy St. Claire for the 15th time. 

Attempt #218

I’m going to start by saying what we’re all thinking; we were robbed of seeing Eleanor and Tahani as soulmates. As comical as it was watching the four of them continuously get reset and foil Michael’s plans, the writers ran through a lot of potential content in one episode. Don’t get me wrong, it’s refreshing to see that they’re not dragging out 1 attempt per season, but they’ve been there for years, possibly decades, and the audience has only seen glimpses of it. Hopefully in the upcoming episodes there’s a break from the constant resets, so people can actually connect with the storyline again. 

We saw some of the character development from attempt #1 carry over to attempt #2, and since then they’ve been through 800+ more attempts so how much do we really know about who these four are anymore? Not only are we at a loss as to who they are now individually, we don’t know where they all stand in pairs and as a group. It’ll be interesting to see the dynamic amongst them without their memories in the upcoming episodes.

Side-note: what would happen if they did get their memories back? They’ve spent years with each other, and each time they feel different about one another. Where would that leave them?  

Best Friends?

Apparently, one thing all of Michael’s new attempts had in common was how bitter Vicki was about her role. Not just Vicki, but the rest of the demons are frustrated too. Honestly, I was expecting the foursome to pair up with them, not Michael (assuming they do so). How long can any of this really go on for though? If the demons are already threatening to go to Sean, antagonizing them and teaming up with the humans would only make matters worse. 

It still seems to me that Michael is being tortured the most this season. All of his hard work keeps failing and now his colleagues are on strike and threatening to tell his secret. It’s interesting to see him be in such a similar situation to Eleanor. She’s hiding something from him just like he’s hiding something from Sean. Maybe Sean is behind all of his suffering like Michael was in Season 1.

A Medium Ending

Poor Mindy St. Claire. She’s had to give up her privacy, and start wearing clothes, in case Eleanor and Janet show up again; all she wants is cocaine and a more diverse porn collection (#bigmood). Having your memory constantly erased seems like torture, but having the same people come to your door telling you the same thing over and over again sounds worse. It’s surprising she hasn’t gone back with them in one of these many plans, even if just to ask Janet for cocaine when they got there. The main four’s best chance is staying in the Medium Place forever. After all, the alternative to Michael’s scheming is eternal physical torture in some place with a penis flattener. 

Speaking of which, what exactly is the audience hoping for? There’s no possibility of a happy ending for them that we’ve seen. If Michael gets caught, they’ll get tortured the old-fashioned way. If Michael doesn’t get caught, they spend eternity having their memories erased or keeping a secret. That’s why their best bet is staying with Mindy in eternal mediocrity. 


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