The Good Place Review: Everything is Great! (Season 2 Episode 1)

Michael has a second chance at torturing Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason; as our favorite foursome get reacquainted with the not-so-good place, they quickly astray from his plan. 

On The Good Place Season 2 Episode 1, “Everything is Great,” Eleanor attempts to solve the mystery behind the letter from herself, and Tahani pulls an Eleanor and gets drunk at the welcome party. Meanwhile, Chidi and Jason aren’t pleased with their new soulmates. 

Eleanor, Find Chidi

Eleanor had to channel her inner Veronica Mars at the start of this new season after receiving her own note from Janet. Instead of starting off her time in the Good Place with just confusion about being there, she used that confusion and the note to channel her suspicion of the Good Place from the beginning because she knew all was not right and she wasn’t the only problem there. However, it wasn’t just the note that added to her suspicions. Her soulmate wouldn’t talk to her, everyone was pressuring her into drinking, her moral compass (Chidi) was off with two new soulmates, and she didn’t have a pretentious Tahani to fuel her insecurities. A lot of what made Eleanor spiral out of control the first time was taken out of the picture. 

Speaking of our sexy skyscraper, Tehani had it the worst of the group this time around. Her house was treehouse adjacent, her soulmate was her opposite in every way, and her biggest enemy in life was plastered on her wall. There wasn’t anything good for her in the Good Place, which made her feel like things were off too. Tahani didn’t need the note to grow suspicious, Michael caused that problem all on his own. 

As for Chidi and Jason, their biggest problem was not being able to stand their new soulmate(s). All Jason needs in life (and death) is a best friend or an attractive girl and he had neither. Did Michael really expect Jason to stay silent forever in a yurt? He had the right idea making Chidi have to choose between Pevita and Angelique, but again, it was too extreme. If there’s nothing good for them in the good place, they’re all going to spiral out. 

Can We Bite Them?

Now that we’re in on the joke, we got to see Michael planning and prepping the demons for take two. It was really interesting to see their take on everything happening, and laughable at how bitter Vicki is about her new role. It wouldn’t be surprising if she told them they were in the Bad Place out of spite, or any of them for that matter. None of Michael’s little helpers seemed thrilled about his project, and they’re all struggling to keep things together. Is it just me or does it seem like Michael is the one being tortured the most this season?

On top of having to keep everyone on task as they get acquainted with their new roles, Michael has more than one secret to keep now. He’s not just hiding the Bad Place from the humans, he’s hiding attempt #3 from Sean. What’s going to happen when Sean comes to check up on the neighborhood, or one of the demons inevitably tell him since they’re under the impression he knows? It’ll be interesting to see him juggle all of this; he already “bit off more than he could chew” the first time, and circumstances are only getting more complicated. 

In any case, hopefully his next try includes more Janet. She’s the best thing to come out of this show. 

Third Time’s The Charm

Even without Eleanor’s note, attempt #2 still wouldn’t have gone according to plan. Michael can erase their memories over and over again, but he can’t erase their character development, at least not completely. Eleanor was willing to trust someone she hadn’t ever met, Chidi was much less indecisive, Tahani was apologetic and sincere, and Jason told a group of “strangers” his biggest secret rather quickly. No matter how many scenarios they’re placed in, these four care about each other and that won’t just disappear. 


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I think we all can agree Vicki had it worse than anyone; she’s doomed to run a pineapple pizza shop for all eternity. Now that’s hell.




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