The Good Place Preview: What a Condescending Bench

Not many of the promised shows for the upcoming Fall 2016 season look very enticing, but Kristen Bell’s new comedy on NBC, The Good Place, is a stand out among the bunch.

Also starring CSI‘s Ted Danson, The Good Place follows Eleanor as her life finishes and she begins her time in the afterlife. But what happens when Eleanor realises that they confused her with someone else?

Eleanor: Somebody royally forked up. Why can’t I say fork?

In order to avoid getting sent to the bad place, where she belongs, Eleanor’s forced to become a better person in this version of Heaven and Hell, from the creators of Parks and Recreation.

The Good Place seems like a hilarious comedy with a magical cast, and Kristen Bell is going to forking rock it. (Hah, get it? No? Watch the trailer below!)

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