The Flash Season 4 Trailer: A World Without Barry Allen

The CW has released a new trailer for The Flash Season 4. Picking up months after the end of Season 3, Barry Allen has been trapped in the Speed Force, leaving Iris, Cisco and the others to defend Central City in his absence. Despite their skills, they’re barely holding Central City together and are desperate to get Barry back.

When Barry does return, however, he’s not the same Barry that went into the Speed Force, coming out a markedly different man.

The trailer shows off some intriguing footage of whats to come this season. Let’s take a look at some aspects that were shown off. In the wake of Barry’s imprisonment, it looks like Iris and Cisco have stepped up to keep the team together and fill Barry’s leadership role. This isn’t too surprising for Cisco since he was always so enthusiastic with the team, but its great to see Iris taking a much more active part in the team.

One of my chief complaints about Season 3 was how it relegated Iris not only to a side role, but as an imminent damsel in distress for the season’s latter half. With Barry’s prediction that she would be murdered by Savitar, Iris didn’t have much to do beyond worry the future would come to pass. It was doubly unfortunate since Candice Patton has shown she’s capable of delivering some great scenes and has nice chemistry with most of the cast.

Seeing Iris step up in this way brings some confidence that she’ll be given much better material to work with this year. Iris is, after all, more than just a love interest waiting to be saved or for Barry to come home at the end of the day. In the comics she’s an excellent and determined reporter, much like Lois Lane, and has a deep sense of justice, making sure to do the right thing when looking out for people.

Hopefully Iris’ expanded role won’t just last for the first couple episodes and will go on for the season. We’ll just have to wait and see once Season 4 starts.


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