The Flash Review: We Are The Flash (Season 4 Episode 23)

The Flash Season 4 Episode 23
SEASON FINALE – Team Flash gets help from a surprising ally in their battle against DeVoe (Neil Sandilands).

The Flash Season 4 Episode 23, “We Are The Flash,” brought an end to DeVoe’s reign of terror as Flash and the team were pressed to come up with a way to prevent the Enlightenment from coming to fruition before the entire planet was dumbed down. The finale was entertaining enough, though somewhat predictable in its proceedings. It still delivered a fairly entertaining episode in an otherwise lackluster season.

Flash’s Final Stand

It was pretty clear DeVoe was on the cusp of winning and Flash was nearly all out of options. The idea to go inside DeVoe’s mind to find the good left in him offered a different type of finale to Flash, one that didn’t involve a huge fight or outrunning the villain. Relatively speaking, it was a fairly quiet affair compared to the other finales and even the last couple episodes. It was definitely a cerebral (no pun intended) adventure as Barry travelled inside DeVoe’s mind that riffed off several sci-fi films such as Inception and The Matrix. While it was cool to see Flash go on this mission, it didn’t really offer any additional insight into DeVoe’s character. The fact that DeVoe murdered the good inside of him wasn’t too much of a surprise given his actions throughout the season, particularly the latter half after murdering more than a dozen people and manipulating his wife in some terrible ways.

It was nice, though, to see Flash and Ralph team up again to get out of DeVoe’s mind. In a fight scene that seemed straight out of The Matrix series, the pair fought hundreds of DeVoes as they attempted to escape and put his plan to an end. The fight gave a mixture of good and ridiculous imagery, such as when Flash ran and wore Ralph like a cape. It was fairly fun to see them take on DeVoe in such a unique way.

Ralph’s Return

The return of Ralph Dibny, aka the Elongated Man, as Barry discovered Ralph’s consciousness still existed, made sense as a part of Ralph would obviously still be around considering he was playing host to DeVoe’s mind and the reunion between Barry and Ralph was nicely acted between Grant Gustin and Hartley Sawyer.

It was also very welcome that he wasn’t quite as annoying or as repetitive as most of his other appearances. Ralph was utilized well and showed some growth as he had to deal with being locked up in his own body, a fact Barry helped him recover from somewhat quickly. It’s still nice though to see Ralph being a bit more mature, and Sawyer certainly brought out the emotion in Ralph when he was finally brought back.

Are There Any Repercussions?

Unlike most season finales of Flash, this season ended with mostly everything tied up. There were few, if any, loose ends left to be resolved for Season 5. We know now, however, that the mysterious girl popping up every so often is in fact Barry and Iris’ future daughter and that she’s afraid she messed something in the timeline up by intervening to help the team. There is also the matter of Killer Frost and a mystery regarding their past.

The lack repercussions don’t just end there, though. It was fairly strange to see Marlize just up and leave Central City. Although she somewhat redeemed herself by helping the team stop DeVoe’s plan, she is still culpable in the deaths of several people, not to mention framing Barry and placing him in jail for months, a fact she gloated about right to Iris’ face. It’s weird that there are no real consequences for her actions and that Iris even hugged her before leaving, rather than having her take some amount of responsibility. As much as Iris thought Joe might have been wrong to call her out, he is right that DeVoe wouldn’t have come even close to succeeding without her help. Perhaps this merely is setting the stage for Marlize’s return in Season 5 as either an ally or eventual enemy of the team again.

It was a nice touch that the season ended with the team together celebrating the birth of Joe and Cecile’s daughter with a surprise return from Wally. While the episode didn’t leave much to ponder over for Season 5, it was a good moment of reflection for the cast and audience over everything that transpired over the year. Sadly, though, the finale doesn’t redeem most aspects from Season 4, but it was still an entertaining and fairly nice conclusion to the season.


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