The Flash Review: Invasion! (Season 3 Episode 8)

The Flash Season 3 Episode 8
Aliens. Real, green, mean, lean, speaking-a-weird-language, Mars-Attacks-Without-The-Parody aliens. And plenty of superheroes to take care of the situation.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 8 is part two of this four-night crossover (which is quite difficult to follow when you only watch one show out of the four if you ask me).

The main plot is aliens are invading Earth and kidnapping the president while the whole team (the Arrow, the Flash, and the Legends of Tomorrow teams) figures out a plan to get the president back.

It appears that the answer is simple: if you want to train to fight aliens, find a friendly alien that will be willing to help you.

Fortunately, it turns out that Supergirl is the cutest and friendliest alien ever. So, one vibe portal later, Cisco and Barry have Kara and bring her back with them.

Oliver told her not to hold back in a really fun alien against a dozen of superheroes fight. After a long training, they decide to go face the aliens and get the president back.

Meanwhile, the revelation that Barry creating Flashpoint affected everyone’s life led to everyone, except Kara and Oliver, not wanting him to participate in the big operation. It ended with the gang leaving without Barry and Oliver, who stood up for his friend.

But as we saw it coming, the whole negotiating with the aliens plan was a trap, the president was a hologram, and the team fell under mind control, resulting in them trying to kill Barry and Oliver. 

At the beginning of the episode, Wally’s working on his speed, running faster than Barry when he first got his powers.  Iris continues to tell everyone not to encourage him to work on his powers because she was afraid he would get hurt, as she would’ve been if she was aware of Barry’s powers at the beginning.

Which is exactly what happened when Oliver and Barry were under attack and he tried to rescue them. However, after reassuring his family by telling them he won’t try it again, he made a secret pact with HR to help him train. Oh, the family drama.

In the very last scene, the sane superheroes and the rest of the gang were all reunited, but the aliens seized the occasion to kidnap all of the Arrow crew in a set-up for the Arrow Season 5 Episode 8 crossover episode.

What happened to them? Read my fellow writer’s Arrow review to find out. I don’t know, because I only watch The Flash out of the four series involved in the crossover.

More specifically to The Flash, this collaboration between HR and Wally doesn’t sound good, and the effect on Wally could be devastating, if not life-threatening.

Barry also showed Oliver the famous article which used to be written by Iris West-Allen in April 2024. It is now written by an unknown journalist.

Will the timeline change only affect Iris’ career or will her life be changed too? What about her relationship with Barry? Could Iris be destined for an early death now that Barry altered the timeline?

Also, will Cisco ever forgive Barry? Because as much as his position is totally understandable, seeing these two not getting along is heartbreaking.

So many questions left unanswered!

The Flash continues Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW!

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