The Flash Review: Killer Frost (Season 3 Episode 7)

Things got crazy. A newly almost fully turned Killer Frost went on a nearly deadly quest for Alchemy to stop her powers, Barry and Cisco hit a really hard obstacle to overcome, and Wally got out of that radioactive mushroom.

On The Flash Season 3 Episode 7, Killer Frost came in at full force. After a fight with the new big bad, Savatar, that ended in a Killer Frost, Vibe, and Flash victory, Caitlin’s powers progressively took over.

She kidnapped Julian to make him gather as much information on Alchemy as he could, hoping that he could take her powers back. Barry ended up sending him to the hospital as a thank you.

Out of anger, she blamed Barry for creating Flashpoint and giving her powers, also blurting out that it was his fault if Dante was dead so Cisco could hear it. Hurting so bad he did not know what to feel, Cisco doesn’t seem ready to forgive Barry anytime soon.

As the episode progressed, Caitlin got more and more out of control by the second until Barry stopped her and locked her up in a meta-human cell. He then appealed to her still human side by suggesting she kill him if she wanted to be free, and it all ended in a hug and some power-dampening cuffs.

During this, Wally’s stuck in this huge mushroom cocoon that was doing god knows what to his body. Joe semi-accidentally broke it to free Wally, but his transformation wasn’t complete, which means he was vibrating (??). As it turns out, he is now a speedster and he is faster than Barry was at first.

Everything is well but we can’t help but wonder if and how it is going to turn against him, because this cocoon was Alchemy’s creation so there’s no way this is going to be a good thing.

The most plausible theory is that he was turning evil to kill Barry, but the transformation wasn’t completed so he’s probably semi-evil? Only time will tell.

In the end, Julian blackmailed Barry; either he quit his job in the precinct or he revealed Caitlin is the meta-human that caused so much trouble across town. Barry being Barry, he didn’t have to think long to decide to protect his friend.

But where was Iris West? She was in two really cute scenes comforting Barry and proved once again that there would be no Flash without her.

  The Problem with The Flash's Iris West

And? As much as we all love Westallen, the writers are wasting a perfect character that has the potential to have amazing personal storylines by being a badass reporter. Instead, they are just portraying her as just a love interest.

She could be Barry’s one true love and every single other side of Iris West and Barry would just love her more for it. But not enough screen time for your main female character? Not a good idea.

Sure, they want to focus on Caitlin dealing with her new powers and finding out why she got them, but focusing on one female character shouldn’t mean completely leaving another one aside. This series seems to have a severe problem with that.

But now that Barry is unemployed, they have the possibility to focus on Iris’ job. Here’s to hoping!

The Flash returns Tuesday, 8/7c on the CW!

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