The Flash Review: Shade (Season 3 Episode 6)

Power-dampening cuffs are missing and Caitlin looks guilty. Meanwhile, Wally begins to dream of his Flashpoint life as Kid Flash thanks to Alchemy, only deepening his need to be a hero. 

On The Flash Season 3 Episode 6, “Shade,” the real shade is that Cisco gave up Caitlin’s secret without her permission.

Upon her request, Cisco vibes Caitlin and sees a full-on Vibe versus fully-turned Killer Frost.

The scene was enough to give me chills. He is trying to convince Caitlin to tell the whole team, but she is hopeless, the vibe having confirmed her worst nightmare.

When he corners her into doing it, the confession leads to a heart-to-heart between her and Barry where he reveals what changed when he created Flashpoint.

Flashpoint is catching up on Wally, and Alchemy is behind it. It’s not fun. At first, it was dreams. Then, it was pain. Then possession. He manipulated his way out of the power-proof cell before being put right back in.

(Tip for later: Iris has a mean right hook. Girl, bye.)

Alchemy is calling Wally to him. The team cooks up a plan that inevitably goes wrong to catch the Big Bad. Don’t they already know that their plans always do?

Wally’s uncontrollable thirst for powers, manipulated by Alchemy’s voice, leads him to take what resembles a black diamond. That thing immediately imprisons him into a fire column / mushrooms. What it is and what it is turning Wally into, we have no idea, but it is creepy.

Something tells me they won’t have much time to save him though, so the countdown is on.

But maybe if the transition from Wally turning into Evil Kid Flash can be stopped, then maybe Caitlin can be prevented from fully turning into Killer Frost? The next episode is titled after her, so we may find that out sooner rather than later.

Honestly, Wally’s story just isn’t working. The change in his character from last season, into becoming someone who desperately wants to help people, just seems rushed. As much as we want him to be Kid Flash, it just needs to be earned.

Make him a hero without powers, put him on the police force or something similar to make him a hero without following Barry’s exact footsteps. Wally needs to realize he doesn’t need powers to help people.

Meanwhile, Caitlin’s story is actually so, so good. They’ve spent two seasons building up her cold heart, and now they’ve starting building the ice wall between Killer Frost and Caitlin.

While seeing Caitlin as Killer Frost, evil like her Earth-2 counterpart, isn’t really what we want, having her discovering a way to control these powers and use them to help Barry save the day.

It’s great to see Caitlin actually have a story that makes her a part of Team Flash as more than just the token female character. Also, it was great to have Iris call out her involvement, or lack thereof, at Star Labs with Barry and friends. It’s time to give the women a story, too.

The Flash continues Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW!

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