The Flash Review: The New Rogues (Season 3 Episode 4)

The Flash Season 3 episode 4 starts off perfectly. Barry and Iris are in the honeymoon phase, there are now two speedsters protecting Central City, Harrison Wells is back… What could possibly go wrong?

On The Flash Season 3 Episode 4, Barry and Iris are now dating; things are even getting sexier, but Barry acting weird about it around Joe leads to a very awkward conversation, but this time, their love story isn’t the center of the episode. Team Flash has other fish to fry, meaning more meta-humans to lock up.

Between speed training and a stolen kiss with Wally, newly fast Jesse Quick is eager to help the Flash trap a couple of bad guys with superpowers that can manipulate your senses (surely a few of us got nauseous just seeing what she could do) and travel through mirrors.

Jesse wanted to help, so her and Barry went after the runaways. But she didn’t master her speed enough to keep up with the Flash and fell while trying to take on Top by herself. We all saw it coming; Jesse had to make a misstep and that mistake got Barry trapped in a mirror.

What would’ve been more interesting would’ve been Barry coaching Jesse so she could stop the metas before the team found out how to get Barry out of the mirror, instead of her playing the sidekick. She does have a lot to learn, but Barry learned himself, so why not her?

After Cisco figured out a way to understand Barry, because apparently when you’re trapped in a mirror people hear you speaking backwards, he and Iris had a heartfelt conversation about their relationship. That was the moment when we all got “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake stuck in our heads.

Other than the awful timing, it was an important conversation to have. The two have deeper struggles than just introducing each other to their parents; they have to figure out how to change their friendship into a relationship, and hopefully it doesnt’ go down as awful as Dan and Vanessa on Gossip Girl.

After the mirror magically froze and Barry was able to get out, Harrison Wells was determined to return to Earth-2 with his daughter, but Cisco and Caitlin didn’t want a Team Flash without the genius of Wells. The three of them flipping through Harrison’s doppelgängers Earth by Earth was one of the funniest scenes ever. They chose one against Earth-2 Harrison’s wishes, but it turns out he is really hilarious, in addition to being a genius scientist.

But in the trailer for the next episode, it appears he’s evil. Shocker.

Earth-2 Harrison and Jesse Quick went back home through a breech that cut off Wells during a very important sentence. Oh, the suspense! It’s kind of scary, but nobody seems to think it matters so we will just have to wait to see when and how this will come back to bite them.

Barry, Iris and Joe were having a cute family dinner when Barry announced that it would be better for all of them and their privacy if he moved out and found his own apartment. Your substitute father/future stepfather walking in on you making out with his daughter will do that to you.

They all agreed, and playful banter ensued. These normal family scenes are precious to watch.  Joe seems to be perfectly fine with seeing the kids he raised being happily in love, even though it will take some getting used to, but he’s the ever supportive “Dad Cop,” so we can’t argue with Joe West.

Ready for the real shocker? As she took a shower, Caitlin froze the water solid. When she came out, a large strand of her hair had turned snowy white and her lips were purple.

Yes, you read that right: Caitlin Snow is turning into Killer Frost. It doesn’t take Wells long to figure out that she froze the mirror Barry was in. She doesn’t seem ready to share it with anyone though, as she cut her white strand.

Will she be turning evil like her Earth-2 counterpart? We hope not. While Caitlin has been slightly boring thus far in the series run, this new power can add an interesting layer to her dull character, and create a Caitlin Snow that has a purpose, aside from being someone’s love interest.

Will she tell the team? How will they take it? Will she turn evil? How is her mom going to help her?

So many unanswered questions. Any guesses?

The Flash returns Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW!

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