The Flash Review: Magenta (Season 3 Episode 3)

Barry has finally came to terms with the obstruction that came with his time traveling and now is trying to get back on his feet and adjust to this new lifestyle. Some things are nice, but there is still a plethora of changes to the timeline that he has yet to discover.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 3, “Magenta,” was a pretty solid episode. It was an episode that coasted; it was not overly amazing and it was not terrible. However, there were a few significant parts of the episode that were incredible, some that many fans, myself included, had been waiting for since the pilot.

The top five moments were definitely Jesse Quick finally making an appearance with her powers that were given to her by the particle accelerator, Wally West facing his trials of not being gifted with speed (yet),  Joe being the fatherly figure he always is, Magenta, a fan-favorite villain from the comics making her first appearance, and last but not least, the part I had been waiting for, the Westallen date.

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The first moment, which I absolutely loved, was finally getting to see Jesse Quick in action. The moment she was cast, I was excited to see her suit up and show off her speed.

After one of the first teasers of Flashpoint where Barry gets stuck in the speed force, Jesse was zapped by some of the electricity, which foreshadowed her receiving her powers. And finally, in this episode, she was able to use them, which was really cool to see because the entire universe desperately needs more female superheroes.

Jesse Quick wasn’t the only one who was struck by the lightening, though. Wally West also was struck by the lightening.

Wally’s dealing with jealousy over him not having powers. He is a true hero, he wants to help, he wants powers and to be heroic. Keiynan Lonsdale’s scenes were some of the best. It was terrific acting that gave the episode a rather melancholy tone that it needed to balance out the content and playful tone we are used to seeing, especially with Jesse so ecstatic to receive her powers.

It was a beautiful performance and touched my heart, because as a fan, I want to see Wally suit up as well. So hopefully we will see him overcome his struggles this season and become a hero without speed, and then he’ll become the speedster many comic fans know and love him as.

Another great emotional aspect of the episode was Joe West’s heart-to-heart with his kids. After Wally nearly got himself killed, Joe spoke with Wally and gave him some advice, saying that he did not need to have speed to be a hero, which Joe knows all too well being a police officer.

Joe also spoke with Barry about his troubles he was facing, even calling himself the “Dad Cop” at one point of the episode, which was amazingly hilarious. After Barry messed with the timeline again, I thought Joe was going to lose his fatherly figure role due to his relationship with Iris being on the fritz, but we still got to see that dynamic, which is really exciting and we’re all grateful that wasn’t lost.

Another top moment was finally seeing a live action Magenta. She is a unique villain in the DC universe, and it was really cool to see her brought to the big screen. She was a rather weak villain, but not every villain Barry goes up against is going to be as big and menacing as Zoom. Overall, it was a great performance by Joey King, and we hope to see her return in an epic metahuman team up against our two, maybe three speedsters, Vibe, and Killer Frost.

Last, but certainly not least, my favorite scene from the episode, the Westallen date. In this episode, we got to see two dates, one a bit of an awkward dynamic as Barry tried to hide who he is, and the other of them being themselves and really enjoying it. Every time Iris and Barry are on screen together, we see a solid performance by Grant and Candice. It is always filled with so much emotion and their chemistry is very apparent. Their date was adorable and made many fans go wild, especially with their goodbye kiss.

Though the episode was good, there have definitely been better episodes in the past, but thanks to the West family and Iris and Barry’s date, the episode was saved from a rather weak layout and villain of the week.

The Flash continues Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW. Watch the trailer for the next episode here.

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