The Flash Season 3 Episode 3 Preview: Jessie Quick

With the arrival of Flashpoint in The Flash Season 3, Barry is struggling to adjust with the three different realities he’s created and their differences, but that doesn’t stop the metahumans from coming after the Flash. Luckily, he has some help.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 3 reveals a new speedster on Team Flash: Jessie Quick. After the particle accelerator re-creation at the end of Season 2, which teased that both Jessie and Wally would be coming into their speedster powers, we’ll know have seen them both with these powers, though not as we’d expected.

With Alchemy, or Alchemist, whatever, after Barry and re-creating the metahumans from the alternate timeline that Barry inhabited for three months with both of his parents alive and well, more people in Central City are about to become powered, and Barry is going to need Jessie’s help.

And eventually Wally’s, but once Alchemy restores his Kid Flash powers, they’ll have to fight to break him from Alchemy’s control.

Will Jessie and Harry return from Earth-2 with their timeline altered? Did Flashpoint affect them? Or because they’re already in an alternate timeline, they’re safe? So confusing.

Most exciting, though, is Caitlin’s newfound, although hidden, abilities. The best part of her Earth-2 self is merging with the best part of her Earth-1 self to become the new, alternate timeline Caitlin that is going to finally have a story of her own outside of men. Yay for progress!

This will likely be the good side of Killer Frost; a side which has shown itself in the comics at one point when Killer Frost teamed up with the Justice League. She’ll still be the resident doctor of Team Flash, but now she’ll have a task in the field and be able to team up with Barry and Cisco, who’s starting to channel his inner Vibe and joined Barry in the field to stop Rival.

With more metahumans making way to Central City, will the humans still be able to maintain focus in The Flash? Will Iris, one of the few humans left, still have the same mark on the show, or will the writers push her to the side again to focus on the powered heroes?

The Flash continues Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW. Watch the trailer below!

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