‘The Flash’: Who Could Be Jay Garrick’s New Speedster Trainee?

After helping Barry and Jesse stop a nuclear explosion from destroying Central City, Jay Garrick, the Earth-3 Flash, has announced he’s retiring from the business of being a superhero and a new female speedster is taking his place.

The Flash has not shied away from introducing a vast amount of speedsters, and it looks like one more is joining the mix. There’s a female speedster learning from Jay Garrick on Earth-3 to take his place and become the new Flash. Who is it? We don’t know, yet, but there are a variety of comic characters the show could pull into the mix.

Iris West

It’s probably going to remain a dream, my hope is to see a doppelgänger of Iris West-Allen with speedster powers take over the mantel on Earth-3. While we’re going to see Iris as Flash on Earth-1 for a special episode, it’s not going to really be plausible to happen ever again, so this could be a chance for Candice Patton to suit up occasionally and have some more superhero fun, which she hasn’t really been able to do due to Iris’ lack of meta-human powers on the two Earths we’ve been to. There’s also another version of “Iris West” in the comics, and she’s the daughter of Wally West, so it could be plausible for this to happen if the new character is actually from Earth-3. It’d be interesting to see this interaction as she wouldn’t really be the “Iris” anyone on Team Flash is comfortable with, and she wouldn’t even necessarily look like their Iris either.

Avery Ho

Avery Ho is a Chinese speedster that is relatively new to the comics, which means she could be an interesting mix to the show considering she has no real comic history for the writers to rely on. Plus, more diversity and representation are never a bad thing, and we could use another female speedster considering Jesse is never around. In the comics, Avery has worked with Barry before, most notably with his Gorilla Grodd problems, which could bring the villainous ape back to Central City for another round with Team Flash.

Dawn Allen

Many suspect the mystery girl wandering about Central City is Dawn Allen, one of Barry and Iris’ twins from the comics, but wouldn’t it be a surprise if Dawn Allen were actually training on Earth-3 with one of the best speedsters? It wouldn’t make sense for Dawn to remain in her parents’ early lives very long, so the occasional appearance could shake things up and bring out new sides to Barry and Iris we have yet to see.

Meena Dhawan

Meena is another new addition to the DC Comics roster, originally introduced in the ‘Rebirth’ launch, which, again, could give the writers some leeway to creating their own speedster. In the comics, Meena gets her powers the same way that Barry received his, so the similarities could be interesting to explore. Also, she’s a scientist at STAR Labs, which Jay Garrick is not and Jesse is often too busy to come to Earth-1, so seeing another scientist/speedster would lead to interesting cases for the characters to explore together.


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What do you think? Who do you hope is the new speedster training on Earth-3 with Jay Garrick? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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